Articles by Imran Chaudhry

KH3 keyblade

10 Best Keyblades In Kingdom Hearts III


With Kingdom Hearts III finally being released, many veterans and new fans alike have gone back to revisit the ridiculously numbered—but essential—mountain of games that precede it. By now, if you don...

KH3 main

Kingdom Hearts III: The Party Members, Ranked


One of the best things about having a new Kingdom Hearts game, other than owning it, is that with each new (and old) world, we get new party members to fight alongside us. Kingdom Hearts III brings a ...

The Best 10 Twitch Streamers Worth Watching


Playing games with friends is one of the best ways to experience a compelling narrative, bloody warfare or relationship destroying player versus player action. In today’s day and age, the power of the...

sims 4

Ranked: Every Sims 4 Expansion Pack


The Sims has become a staple game in the last two decades, transcending the boundaries between first-time gamers, casual gamers, and hardcore gamers. So, by now if you’re unfamiliar with The Sims fran...

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts: Sora’s World Forms Ranked


It’s been 14 years (yep, 14 whole years) since Kingdom Hearts II was released to the world. The sequel to the smash hit that was Kingdom Hearts, Sora’s story became one of the most loved within the ga...

Night In The Woods

Top 10 Night In The Woods Characters


In the last decade, independent games have become more and more visible within the mainstream gaming market. Partly to do with the rise in gaming as a staple entertainment platform, smaller indie titl...

10 Best PS4 Games For Boys Under 10 Years Old


Gaming has become a staple within the community and in entertainment as a whole. But as the first gaming generation becomes parents, they are probably coming to realize that not all video games are ch...

10 Best PlayStation 4 Games For Couples


Video games have become such a prominent source of entertainment in recent years, going from teenage fun to experiences for anyone and everyone. With the rise in video game entertainment, you're most ...