Articles by Izzy Lee


15 Shocking Stories About The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is arguably one of the most popular industries today. But oddly enough, with how much popularity it has established over the years, not much is known about the secretive practices,...


15 Pervy Kids Games You Shouldn't Let Them Play

Video games are something we all hold dear. From the time we’re first able to fully grasp a controller 'til the day we rage quit off of a camping sniper in Call of Duty, they give us a place of refuge...


15 Reasons GTA IV Is WAY Better Than GTA V

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the most “slept on” games in the GTA series. The child at the dinner table that can’t seem to get a word in among its younger (GTA: San Andreas) and older (GTA V) sibling...


20 Games That Were Cancelled For SHOCKING Reasons

After all the awesome tech demos, stage presentations and dancing “muppets” (damn it Nintendo) of E3, one thing in particular has gamers locked in at the edge of their seats: the overwhelming hype and...


20 Hottest Cosplays Of Mass Effect Characters

In the world of gaming, cosplay reigns supreme as the ultimate showcase of creativity and exploration. It allows for many within the community to express themselves through the eyes of their favorite ...


15 Biggest Mistakes Ubisoft Has Ever Made

Ubisoft is one of those companies that makes you want to fall head over heels in love and pull your hair out in despair all at the same. From the highs of its prominence with titles like Far Cry, Beyo...