Articles by Jacob Buchalter


10 Scariest Zelda Bosses, Ranked

Throughout the many Legend of Zelda releases to date, there have been hundreds of dungeons to crawl through. And, within them, there's always a boss to fight. That's not even counting all the spin-off...


Borderlands 1 And 2 Playable Classes, Ranked

Only a couple more months until the trailblazer of the shoot-looter genre, Borderlands 3, comes out. The game is set to release September 13th, 2019 and has already shown off its four primary Vault Hu...


Warframe: The 10 Most Powerful Warframes, Ranked

Warframe by Canadian company Digital Extremes is a bit of an odd game. Players get to play a space ninja WMD surviving against waves aliens, criminals, and monsters. And while surviving these waves yo...

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