Articles by Josh Griffiths

24 Nintendo Toys That Couldn’t Be Made Today


It’s widely known that before Nintendo made video games, they were a toy company. Most people also know by now that before that even, they were card manufacturer, whose cards became synonymous with il...

25 Licensed Games Fans Pretend Don’t Exist


There was once a time when licensed video games were always bad, especially movie tie-in games. These monstrosities were often rushed out by publishers, handed off to inexperienced or poor developers ...

25 Toys From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today


The 1990’s was the best decade the world has ever seen, and anyone who argues otherwise has already been proven by science to be wrong. What science would that be? Well, look no further than the fanta...

15 Overrated Games That RIPPED OFF Unknown Games


With how long gaming has been around, it’s difficult to find a game with a totally unique concept, especially in the AAA space. But that’s not to say all indie games are a bastion of creativity, and t...

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