Articles by James Holland


The 8 Best Sims Expansions (And 7 That SUCKED)

The Sims is the best known and best beloved simulation series on the planet, and for good reason. It allows you to live vicariously through your creations and explore a world of complete and utter mad...


15 Shockingly Inappropriate Kids Games

Video games have always been a point of contention for parents. Common questions are, “Is this one too violent? Is this one too suggestive?” There are other issues which parents consider, but they rar...


15 Killer Fallout Cosplays

The world of cosplay is seemingly boundless with content, and maybe surprisingly there is comparatively little in the way of Fallout. Some of what we see in the community is amazing, not just for the ...


15 Games That Make Us Question Our Life Choices

Video games are a major past time for millions of people and can serve as vehicles for moral lessons based on our own decisions. Sometimes, games are just there so we can make giant things blow up in ...