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Yaga Review: Charming And Disarming

Yaga is a Diablo-esque action RPG about an incredibly unlucky blacksmith named Ivan, who is cursed with the absolute worst luck a person could possibly have. He loses his arm after escaping the clutch...

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Ruiner Review: Cyberpunk Punch-Up

Cyberpunk is an enjoyable sub-genre due to the outlandish future that it often depicts. People usually have robot limbs and eyes and possess crazy augmented powers that non-enhanced humans couldn't dr...

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Rumor: Overwatch 2 Has Four More Unannounced Heroes

After the massive announcement of Overwatch 2 was made at Blizzcon, we found out a little more about the highly anticipated sequel. We know that multiple new maps are coming, as well as a co-op story mode, and two new heroes: Echo and Sojourn.

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Afterparty Review: Hangover From Hell

Afterparty might contain the single most terrifying depiction of Hell I've ever witnessed. Not because of pits of lava or ghoulish demons, but because of how minor the reasons to end up there can be. ...

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Overwatch 2: Who Is Hero 32?

As Blizzcon looms just around the corner, so does the rumored announcement of the sequel to Blizzard's team shooter, Overwatch 2. This is also normally the time when a new hero is unveiled, and they'l...

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MediEvil Review: Better Off Dead

I never got to play MediEvil when I was a young lad with an original Playstation. Its focus on zombies, ghouls, and a general spooky atmosphere was a bit too much for me to handle, as I was what one m...

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