Articles by Jamie Latour

Half-Life 3 Hoax Hypes Fans Up, Lets Fans Down


Half-Life 3 was once the most anticipated game in the entire world. Now it’s become the saddest ongoing joke in the gaming industry. It’s to the point that even the smallest hint of the game's existen...

Xbox VP Jokes About Anthem's Loot System


Every morning the people at Besthesda wake up and thank the gods above for the gift that is Anthem. While Fallout 76 is far from fixed, it is no longer the internet’s number one joke thanks to Anthem’...

EA Won't Have A Press Conference At E3 2019


E3, the largest games show of the year, is getting smaller and smaller by the day. The event used to be where the most important video game developers and publishers would come to make their big annou...

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