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10 Gifts Any Minecraft Fan Would Love

Odds are that you've heard of Minecraft. This creative game became one of the biggest titles in the industry to date. Dropping players in a host of randomly generated sandboxes where the sky was the l...


The Ultimate Mega Man Gift Guide

There were a lot of gaming icons created when the industry was still young. Among mainstays like Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man, there was Capcom's Blue Bomber, otherwise known as Mega Man. Mega Man is a r...


The Heavenly God of War Gift Guide

God of War was a big franchise back on the PS2, and was brought to the spotlight once more with the release of God of War on the PS4. Santa Monica Studios put their greatest efforts into this game, le...


The Ultimate Persona 5 Gift Guide

Persona 5 is one of the best Sony exclusives. Atlus took its popular series and nearly perfected the formula. Not only did Persona 5 receive great reviews across the board, but it was even nominated f...


The 10 Best Gifts For Metroid Fans

There are few fans louder than Metroid fans. Because it's not big as Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo doesn't have as much priority getting games in that franchise out. Many Metroid fans h...


The Ultimate Halo Fan Gift Guide

When it comes to first-person shooters, there are few franchises quite like Halo. There was something about Bungie's design, from the awesome characters to the focus on local multiplayer that made suc...


10 Reasons To Be Excited For Square's Avengers

E3 2019 is already wrapping up, and there have been tons of exciting announcements. Square Enix hosted its own presentation, where the company talked about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final...


10 Reasons We're Excited for Google Stadia

14Google had its first Stadia Connect video recently, revealing just about everything consumers needed to know about Google Stadia. Everything from games to pricing and requirements were shown, reveal...


10 Electronic Arts Memes That Are Too True

Electronic Arts isn't the gaming industry's favorite company. Despite having some notable franchises to its name as well as its own streaming service, EA has been in hot water for the state of some of...

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