Articles by Jacob Ormrod

26 Cartoons Paused At The Worst Times


As the internet has grown into its own medium that none of us will ever be able to truly understand, one thing that has become incredibly popular is funny picture that can be shared on social media or...

20 Surprising GameStop Stories


Isn't it weird how we sort of come to accept the fact that some companies are always going to be terrible? If there was any justice in the world, we'd be able to get everyone to boycott these places a...

Fatality: 25 Jaw-Dropping Mortal Kombat Cosplays


One of the major problems with video games not being taken seriously as an art form is that it relies heavily on making female characters more attractive in the hope that this will get more people to ...

20 Games Guys Hide From Their Girlfriends


It is difficult to keep a relationship going in this world, especially when you add in all of the extra pressure that comes with meeting somebody you actually care about. Throw in all of the smaller s...

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