Articles by Joshua Pedroza-O'Leary


Ranked: 10 Best Video Game Heroes Of All Time

Gaming has come a long way in terms of storytelling. Deep and complex stories have been created within these vast simulated universes. However, the best stories are the ones with the best characters. ...


10 Bad Endings In Otherwise Great Games

It's said that the journey is better than the destination. When looking back at some of our favorite games, we tend to always remember the game as a whole. Maybe the gameplay was absolutely phenomenal...


Ranked: The 10 Worst Skills In Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 has a great many skills across six different character classes. There are skills that may not be as effective as others, but they serve a purpose. Then there are the ones that are just o...


Ranked: The 10 Best Gaming Intros Of All Time

Video games have become a new storytelling medium. Like any book, movie, or TV show, a video game needs to hook you in from the very beginning. Luckily, video games have more ways to grab your attenti...


The 10 Best Armor Sets In God Of War PS4

Santa Monica's God Of War sequel/reboot surprised just about everyone when it released. Instead of a linear hack and slash title, this new entry offers a huge amount of exploration and RPG elements. T...