Articles by John Pond


15 DUMB Arguments That PROVE Gamers Have No Life

Since the dawn of time, rivalries have existed and not always between good and evil. Sometimes a rivalry can be a trivial, unnecessary thing like the attention of a parent to siblings or coworkers vyi...


FPS: The 15 Most Overrated Shooters Of All Time

If you grew up during the 80s or 90s, there is no doubt that you experienced the origins of first-person shooters when Wolfenstein 3D was released by id software. It was both simplistic and revolution...


15 Most Worthless Sidekicks In Gaming History

Sidekicks come in all shapes and sizes, from the comic relief such as Gaston’s buddy, Lefou to Logan’s murderous little friend X-23. At times they can be extremely helpful and crucial to the plot by w...


8 Best And 7 Worst Characters In Final Fantasy

As long as I can remember, Final Fantasy has been a huge part of my life; both as a child and as an adult. The very first FF was met with awe, as I experienced my first every health system consisting ...