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Video game enthusiast, lover of music, writing, chilling and general foolishness. Penn State Behrend graduate with a BFA in Creative Writing. The Ghost is watching!

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10 Things That Make No Sense In Gears 5

As a video game, Gears 5 accomplishes its goal of bringing you into another universe and forgetting about your own. A fun experience either through its campaign or multiplayer modes. The game can be a...


Ranked: The 10 Best Weapons In Gears 5

Gears 5 is here in all of its messy and gory glory. Over the years, the Gears series has given players an assortment of highly volatile weapons to eradicate Locust, Swarm, and enemy players alike. It ...


NieR: Automata - The 10 Best Upgrades, Ranked

Everyone loves upgrades. They’re an excellent way to give the player a sense of progression. Upgrades come in many shapes and sizes and vary from game to game. Some upgrades make you hit harder, while...


Bayonetta: Best Bosses In The Series

Few things in video games are more exhilarating than a good boss fight. Big baddies serve as a test of the player’s skill up to that point and an opportunity to show the opposition that you aren’t messing around.


Bayonetta: Best Weapons In The Series, Ranked

It goes without saying that weapons in hack-and-slash games are pretty important tools. It wouldn’t be a hack-and-slash if the player character wasn’t sporting a hefty arsenal of swords, guns and othe...


10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Kill La Kill -IF

After the series ending in 2014, Kill la Kill makes a return in video game form with Kill la Kill –IF. A loose adaptation of the series, Kill la Kill –IF is a flashy fighting game that has just as much spirit and fire as its anime counterpart.


Batman Arkham: Best Gadgets In The Series, Ranked

Batman and gadgets are pretty much synonymous. The Dark Knight’s preparedness is equal to none. He has a tool for any and every situation, and this has never been more apparent than it is in the Batma...


Overwatch: 5 Pros & 5 Cons Of Playing As Mei

Overwatch features an extensive cast of diverse characters to help fill out your six-hero team. All of them bring their own set of abilities to increase team success. It helps to know all of the tools...

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