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LEGO Star Wars Battles Mobile Game Announced

LEGO Star Wars Battles for Android and iOS isn’t just ANY game filled with LEGO bricks, this is an actual Star Wars experience where you get to pit your favorite characters against each other in actua...

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Celebrate SUBtember With These 5 Streamers

The now annual event of SUBtember is upon us once more, with a slew of discounts and benefits for subscribing on Twitch, it’s time to see which streamers are making it worth the subscription. There ar...

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You Should Give Up On Half-Life 3

There are almost no modern first person shooters that don’t owe some part of their legacy or mechanics to the Half-Life series in part or whole. That said, the latest installment of the series has tak...

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Why We Need Another Tony Hawk Game

Tony Hawk partnering with Activision to produce a series of skateboard video games was perhaps one of the most lucrative team ups in gaming. In the late nineties, if you owned a Nintendo 64 and DIDN’T...