(12/04/2018) Six years ago I began a journey creating the world of Phenune, more specifically Barmesia. It all started in the bedroom of my right-hand man. At first, just a joke and mess around to create a simple story. The original idea was for a video game I wanted to create (and still do). Then as I simplified and expanded on the ideas I had I found myself lost in this world. It has eaten me up, not been able to show people the ideas I have in entirety, but all that is going to change now. In my college years, I wrote about the lost heir to the human throne in Barmesia. This story was the first time I had adapted my idea into the written form of a novel. Now, as I find myself pushing harder and harder to show the world the Phenune franchise, I have become a sort of god; in my own world. Creating media is not easy, however which way you wish to look at it. Art and Writing I find the easier forms of creation that come more natural to me. The creation of video games is still something I will continue to chase relentlessly, but it is the written format that I will unveil Phenune to you all with. I have had to make many tough decisions and sacrifices to get to where I am now, it has already been confirmed in my own mind that this, I shall dedicate my life to. But that is not all I dedicate my life to, I have a beautiful baby girl on the way. I wish to give this child a good life, and I want her to be proud of her old man. Consider this a brief of things that are yet to come. I thank each and everyone one of you that have offered me support and guidance through life as it has all led to this moment. I guess I can only leave this now by saying: watch this space. Thank you, everyone, long live Phenune! ~TAT

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