Articles by Jerrad Wyche

The 10 Best Cosplay From E3 2019


E3 is the video game event of the year, every year. Although E3 2019 didn't have any sign of PlayStation, considering they decided to skip it this year, there were still plenty of things to get excite...

Everything We Know About Destiny 2: Shadowkeep


Destiny 2 and its developer Bungie are both in a weird spot right now. The developer is recently single and is now self-publishing and developing Destiny 2's expansions without Activision overseeing t...

25 Console Games That Were Thankfully Canceled


Whenever a video game is canceled it's always a tough pill to swallow for so many fans. It's especially painful when it's a game from a really popular or beloved franchise. Most of the time we don't k...

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