Articles by Jason Wojnar


Every Major Metal Gear Solid 5 Spoiler Explained

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released as a tragically unfinished product, but it still stands as one of the finest action games of this console generation, even if its story polarized fans wit...

Final Fantasy Tactics Art Job classes

10 RPGs From The 90s That Still Need A Remaster

With the end of the millennium soon being twenty years ago, nostalgia for the twentieth century's last decade is starting to kick into high gear. It's evident in gaming with re-releases and remasters ...

John Carmack At a conference

10 Things You Never Knew About John Carmack

Doom didn't just revolutionize the first-person shooter; it changed the video game landscape as a whole. Its fast-paced, demon-slaying gameplay enthralled players back in 1993, and its addictive, comp...

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