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BlizzCon 2019: Overwatch 2 Announcement

As BlizzCon approached, so did rumors of Overwatch 2. Blizzard constantly hinted at new content for the franchise and industry professionals gave tips of huge announcements happening at the convention...

Game News

Rumor: Overwatch 2 Details Leaked Ahead Of BlizzCon

During Blizzcon last year, Blizzard unveiled Ashe, one of Overwatch’s newer heroes. Twitter user Metro had leaked her existence before she was officially released. This very same user claims to have information on the rumored Overwatch 2.


RAD: How To Unlock Additional Characters

One of the first things you’ll notice about Double Fine’s RAD is the ability to choose your mutation resistant character. However, not all the characters are available from the jump.

Game Reviews

RAD Review: Functionally Radical

Double Fine Games, the developers behind titles like Broken Age, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend have created RAD. It's 3D action game that takes some elements from dungeon crawlers like Rogue. The game is a mix of color, synth music and stress.

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