Articles by Kira Gookin


Final Fantasy XIV: 10 Hardest Mounts To Get

There is literally so much you can do in a game like Final Fantasy XIV. It has everything from running dungeons and trials to completing beast tribe quests, but one of the best things to do has to be ...


Final Fantasy XIV: Top 10 New Minions, Ranked

Picture this: You’ve just spent a long day fighting off an attack from the Garlean Empire and saved Eorzea from certain danger. All you want to do is rest at an inn – or your house if you have one – t...


The Witcher 3: The Best Weapons, Ranked

Whether you’re a long-time fan of The Witcher 3 or just starting out, what weapons you’ll use in your playthrough is surely at the forefront of your mind. With such an immersive world that boasts a la...


Stardew Valley: A Guide To Every Possible Romance

A life of farming in Stardew Valley is incredibly fulfilling but lately, you’ve been feeling like something’s missing. You already have the beginnings of a successful farm… So what could possibly be n...