Articles by Keely Majewski


15 Times Battlefield Really Went There

Battlefield is a franchise that’s created by DICE, and they’ve always made sure their games are packed full of little easter eggs and secrets. When many people look at FPS games, they don’t really thi...


15 Call Of Duty Trolls Who Got What They Deserved

Trolls. We all know them, we always hear them, or we even find ourselves dabbling a bit in the toxic part of this gaming community. Don’t get us wrong though, trolls can actually be quite funny if the...


15 Fallout 4 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Noticed

If you know anything about the Fallout 4 fanbase, you’ll know right away that they literally will scour any game in the franchise. They’re a group of die hard fans that hold this game in such high reg...

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