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25 Wild Things Skyrim Actually Lets Players Do

Skyrim, the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, is popular all over the globe and widely known for its incredibly vast and detailed world. You play a customizable character belonging to the...


Avatar: 25 Crazy Things About Katara’s Anatomy

Avatar: The Last Airbender aired on Nickolodeon between 2003 and 2008, and, eleven years later, the show still captivates fans from all over the world. Later, a sequel was created: The Legend of Korra...


Disney: 25 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Elsa

Whether you loved Disney’s Frozen or you’re beyond sick of hearing your little cousin sing “Let It Go” on repeat, there’s no denying Elsa, Disney’s version of Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, is ...


30 Weird Things About Sith Anatomy In Star Wars

Few movie villains have captivated fans like the Sith Order from Star Wars. The counterpart of the peace-seeking Jedi, the Sith use the Dark Side of the Force to gain immense power. Ruthless, ambitiou...

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