Articles by Leo Reyna


15 Games You Really Can’t Buy Anymore

Digital gaming is the future. No need to wade through your living room just to find that game you've been itching to play for weeks. Nope. With digital gaming you can just turn on your system and scro...


The 15 Strangest Censorships In Video Games

Censorship is good. Censorship is bad. Censorship is fine, as long as you're never aware that it happened in the first place. For the longest time video games have experienced censorship in all shapes...


15 Black Sheep In Popular Video Games Series

Not every video game is gonna be a winner. It's an undeniable fact of life. No matter how many successful releases a popular vide game franchise may have during its lifetime, there will always be that...


15 Video Game Boss Secrets You Had NO Idea About

Video games have changed dramatically since their arcade inception, yet, some things remain the same. Boss fights, for example, are always expected to be at the end of a level. Sure, not every boss fi...