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10 Things Gamers Completely Missed In Code Vein

Code Vein, the newest JRPG to hit consoles as of this year, has captivated many a gamer, both avid JRPG fans and otherwise. With its fully-customizable system, intense story, and Dark Souls-esque game...


MBTI® Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Characters

The beautiful thing about video game characters it that each one is inherently unique. Much like people IRL, the characters in a video game must overcome challenges, survive with the fittest, make dec...


Persona 5: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Ann

Overwhelmingly voted as Best Girl by those who have played Persona 5, Ann Takamaki has left an impression on many a player's heart. She seemingly has it all: The looks, the brains (somewhat), the atti...

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