Articles by Makoto Veni

Prey: Every Weapon In The Game, Ranked


When it comes to a game like Prey, one thing is for sure: It is a heckin' challenge. There are difficult games, and then there's Prey, which swooped in like a bad dream to haunt experienced and battle...

The 10 Best Nancy Drew Video Games, Ranked


An avid Nancy Drew fan will report, there are simply no 'bad' games by Her Interactive. When that title screen loads and the theme music signifying a brilliant mystery begins, all of sudden, we all be...

The 10 Best Fan-Favorite Neopets, Ranked


It was confirmed earlier this year that Neopets will, in fact, be coming to mobile later this summer. The news came as both a surprise and a delight to many a fan who spent their afterschool hours ind...

Only Real Cosplayers Know These 30 DIY Hacks


Any cosplayer (myself included) knows that when crunch time hits — usually about two weeks before a convention — the adrenaline starts to kick in and we all start to question our skill to its fullest ...

25 Anime Video Games Fans Pretend Don’t Exist


For some reason, anime just doesn't seem to translate to gaming very well. There are a select few games that have actually made it big time after having been inspired by an anime series or idea, and m...

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