Articles by Matt Bromagin

15 Totally Embarrassing Pokémon Cosplays


Pokémon is one of the biggest crazes our world has ever seen. Its reach is global, it attracts both young and old enthusiasts, the property boasts twenty films, it has a television show on its twentie...

15 CRAZY Offensive Games From The Retro Era


The word "offended" has almost become a bad word, on par with a nice solid F-bomb. If you claim to be offended by something, you might easily face the rage of the Internet. Names like "snowflake" and ...

15 Gaming Consoles That FAILED Miserably


In today's console market, it's rare to see a console become a commercial failure. In the past fifteen years, the competitors have more or less remained the same: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Very r...

15 RPGs That Are WAY Better Than Final Fantasy


It's extremely difficult to talk about RPGs without bringing up Final Fantasy. There's a good reason for this, as the Final Fantasy series is one of the best RPG franchises and contains some of the be...

15 Modern Games Which Are IMPOSSIBLE To Beat


Back in the early days of gaming, games gave the consumer bang for their buck through intense and carefully planned difficulty. Games like Contra, Castlvania, and Mega Man only had a handful of levels...