Megan Hoins

Megan Hoins has been a writer since she started tracing the names of authors on books at the ripe young age of four. She’s been writing for TheGamer and publishing Medium essays on memes and internet culture for a much shorter time. Lately, she spends her days playing bagpipes, replaying childhood NES games, and eating chocolate and spaghetti (but not at the same time).

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Fallout is one of Bethesda’s most iconic franchises, spanning years and miles of land across the United States. The familiar sights of Vault Boy, the armor tech helmet, and even the Vault-Tec suits themselves are recognizable to any game fan.


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Fortnite has dominated the Battle Royale scene, and its influence has made a lasting cultural impact on every level. Many of us know at least one avid Fortnite player—or maybe we are one ourselves!


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Don’t Starve Together is a fun but often-punishing survival game where you work with your friends to forage, craft, and fight off the shadows. As you attempt to survive each day, you could probably us...