Articles by Michael Negron


15 Of The Absolute WORST Licensed Games

There's a class of games so terrible, that gamers have become desensitized to them. It can be of any genre, from any studio, and still there will be low murmurs of scorn and an acceptance of the absol...


20 Great Games That RUINED Their Genre

Have you ever experienced something so unexpected that everything related to it somehow loses your interest? Maybe it was too good, a peak, and everything else now pales in comparison. Or it could be ...


The 25 Worst Xbox 360 Games Of All Time

Most people remember the Xbox 360 as an essential console. Whether it was your first console, or only one in a long line, there was something special about the Xbox 360 -- and not just because of the ...


15 Games WAY Too Ahead Of Their Time For Critics

Reviews are easy to write. Good reviews are hard to write. This self-evident dilemma has led to a penchant for over-analyzing, both from fans and critics alike; giving too much praise is pandering, to...


The 25 Worst PS2 Games Of All Time

Not every game is a gem, but some are just downright awful. Whether you’re old enough to have endured the E.T. disaster or 2017 gave out your first real disappointment, all gamers know the feeling of ...