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25 Major Plot Holes You Missed In Harry Potter


In the summer of 1997, Bloomsbury published a 1000 copies of a little-known novel called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Written by J.K. Rowling, who was told to not quit her day job, 500 of...

30 Dragon Ball Memes Guaranteed To Change Things


Akira Toriyama's popular Dragon Ball manga launched a massive franchise that extends beyond the pages of a comic book. Few licenses have transcended mediums quite like Dragon Ball, with multiple anime...

30 Charming Facts You Didn't Know About Naruto


In the last decade, Naruto was arguably the most successful mainstream anime outside of Japan. While the manga never quite competed with One Piece, western audiences really took to the world created b...

25 Crazy Facts Nickelodeon Wants To Bury


Nickelodeon launched on December 1st, 1977. While they took their sweet time before creating their own cartoons, the studio is renowned for introducing the world to classics like The Ren & Stimpy ...

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