Articles by Mark Sammut

Naruto: 30 Heroes Reimagined As Villains


Spanning more than a decade and lasting for 72 volumes, Masashi Kishimoto's manga weaved a captivating tale about friendship, forgiveness, and cool ninjas doing cool ninja things. Despite 2014 marking...

30 Console Game Characters Reimagined As New Moms


For better or worse, most fictional characters are stuck in a state of limbo. Putting aside a handful of flashforwards, which might or might not be predictive, The Simpsons' children seem destined to ...

19 Crazy AO Video Games The Ratings Board Banned


During the '90s, concerned citizens and news outlets turned their attention to video games. Who would protect children from the Mortal Kombats and Night Traps of the world? Obviously, the responsibili...

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