Nathan Marder

Nathan is a writer and content specialist that lives in Brooklyn, NY. He's written about everything from sports and travel to video games and music and enjoys playing mobile and RPG games. Nathan is proficient at a lot of things but wouldn't consider himself an expert at any of them. At the time of writing, he's listening to Angel Olsen but probably isn't anymore.

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Streamer News

The Good Place Drags PewDiePie

Hit NBC series, The Good Place, is not shy in their disfavorable impression of PewDiePie. A recent episode of the acclaimed show saw characters listing off "random bad people." Making the cut were Eli...

Game News

Gooigi Was In Luigi's Mansion 3DS For A Weird Reason

Gooigi, Luigi’s gelatinous doppelganger, is prominently featured in Nintendo’s Luigi’s Mansion 3. Since Gooigi made an appearance in Luigi’s Mansion 3DS, fans have pieced together theories regarding his origin and role in the Mario universe.

TheGamer Originals

Modern Warfare Needs A Shovel

When it comes to groundbreaking technology, the shovel has very few competitors. Whether you work in landscaping or you’re a kid building a sandcastle, there are almost zero scenarios in life where ha...

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