Newton Thaiposri

A native to drop bear capital of the world Australia; Newton is a full time IT Professional and also works in the military in his non existent spare time. His passion for gaming goes back unto the days of Alex the Kid on Sega Master System where blowing dust out of a cartridge was a necessity and when Australian Youths learn their first swear words. > Other hobbies include Cosplay, Prop building, Photography, Fitness and Motorbikes just to name a few. > If you look and listen carefully, you can see him lurking around the interwebs, creating content for amazing talent such as Boneyard Arcade or streaming indie games for the lolz with his friends. > Always up for making friends; if you have some great ideas or want to collaborate feel free to throw him a line on one of his many social accounts! > IG: @RiotArms Twitter: @RiotArms

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