Articles by Patrick Mocella


The 20 Weirdest Marvel Video Games Ever Made

For the past few years, Marvel has stepped away from home console video games and instead focused on mobile games instead. That is all set to change in September, though, with Insomniac's Spider-Man o...


The 25 Weirdest Nintendo 64 Games Ever

If you look at sales figures, then the Nintendo 64 was the clear runner-up in the sixth generation of consoles. While the PlayStation sold around 103 million copies, the Nintendo 64 only managed to se...


19 Disney Villains Reimagined As Heroes

Everybody has their own tastes on who the best Disney villain is. Some prefer the diabolical and tyrannical brand of evil like Scar and Jafar while others prefer the goofiness of a Hades or if you're ...

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