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Hidden Gems On Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has been out for a month, and subscribers have mostly dug their way through the huge list of games and found their favorites. Unfortunately, with so many games releasing at once, there wa...


Apple Arcade: How To Keep Track Of New Releases

It's been a month since Apple Arcade released for everyone who upgraded their devices to iOS 13. Anyone who joined the service was treated to about 100 games on launch, with some real gems just waitin...

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Yes, We Do Want An Okami Sequel

Ōkami was never the most-popular game in the world, but its imaginative story, beautiful visuals, and clever drawing-themed gameplay made it a critical darling upon release. Now, Ōkami director Hideki...

TheGamer Originals

Should You Get Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is an interesting beast — one that has the potential to completely change how we look at and interact with mobile games. It's made waves in the mobile industry, causing Google to quickly ...

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