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Game News

Someone Made The Joker Stairs In Far Cry 5

Gamers have some of the most extraordinary imaginations, especially when using certain games' map creators. One fan of the newest Joker film took their favorite scene from the movie and perfectly recr...

Game News

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Has Gone Gold

Anticipation ratchets to an all-time high for Star Wars fans everywhere as Jedi: Fallen Order goes gold. Releasing on November 15, the game has some strong contenders with the likes of Call of Duty: M...

TheGamer Originals

First-Person Horror Is Getting Old

You've played them all before; Layers of Fear, Amnesia, Outlast, Get Even, Home Sweet Home... the list goes on and on. Even those lucky (or unlucky?) souls who got to play P.T. experienced an unnecess...

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