Articles by Renan Fontes

Every Ys Game From Worst To Best, Ranked


Ys is an interesting series. Not only is it one of the most important RPG franchises in the entire gaming medium, but it’s also one of the more obscure, at least outside of Japan. For whatever reason,...

Mega Man: The 5 Best Spin-Offs (And 5 Worst)


Mega Man is one of the craziest video game franchises to actually sit down and reflect on. Not only has the series never actually sold particularly well, but it’s also a franchise made up of over 130 ...

Ranked: Every Sega Controller Ever Made


Time has been rather interesting to the video game controller. Back when the medium was young, most consoles would often feature their own, radically unique controllers as an attempt to build a signat...

10 Ways Bloodstained References Castlevania


After the blunder that was Mighty No. 9, it didn’t seem like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night would live up to fans’ expectations. It was already receiving criticism for its poor lighting and general...

Every Major Spoiler In Red Dead Redemption 2


What’s particularly interesting about Red Dead Redemption 2 is how long it takes to get to the bulk of the story. Unlike the first Red Dead Redemption where John Marston began the game with a clear go...

10 Best Retro Games For Couples


There’s nothing quite like playing a video game with a significant other. Unlike other forms of spending time, playing a video game as a couple requires patience, dedication, and teamwork. In many res...

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