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Nocturne vs SMT IV: Which One Is Better?

Shin Megami Tensei has a certain charm that no other video game franchise does. It scratches a monster-catching itch while the setting is a truly morbid post-apocalyptic backdrop. Overt religious refe...


Castlevania: 10 Best Soundtracks, Ranked

Castlevania is music to any gamer’s ears. From as early as 1986, the franchise has been gracing audiences with some of the medium’s best music. Between Kinuyo Yamashita, Michiru Yamane, Masanori Adach...


Persona 4: Every Possible Romance, Ranked

The Persona franchise has always handled romance well, even in the games without Social Links. The Persona 2 duology features the best-written romance in the series between Tatsuya and Maya, but it’s ...


Pokémon: Every Third Version Game, Ranked

Pokémon has had a history of “third versions” ever since Generation I. Pokémon Yellow solidified the trend with a re-release that shook up the game to not only better match the anime but offer fans of...


Every Playstation Controller, Ranked

Sony’s always taken a very stylish approach to the PlayStation line. For better or worse. From the simply named successor consoles to sleek models that age remarkably well, even PlayStation critics ha...


Persona 3 vs Persona 4: Which One Is Better

Persona 3 and 4 are both very good RPGs in their own right, but they’re fairly different from one another. Where Persona 3 is a mature story about the nature of life and death, Persona 4 is far lighte...


Castlevania: 10 Strongest Vampire Hunters, Ranked

Castlevania may not have done much enduring this past decade, but it’s an incredibly endearing franchise that’s never lost its luster or appeal. Even in the wake of the Lords of Shadows reboot coming ...


Castlevania: 10 Strongest Belmonts, Ranked

Although not every game stars or even features a Belmont, Castlevania is first and foremost about the Belmont clan’s eternal struggle to fight back against Count Dracula. Between the 11th century and ...

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