Articles by Rebecca Knauss


Planet Zoo: Everything We Know So Far

If you loved Zoo Tycoon, then you have to know about Planet Zoo. This is another game for PC that lets players create their own zoo by caring for animals and creating attractions for guests. It has be...


The 10 Best Video Game Cosplay From SDCC 2019

The San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the states for cosplayers all over the world. There are contests and activities designed specifically for those interested in this hobby, and th...


10 Rumored PS5 Games to Be Released

The confirmation of the PS5 has struck a chord within the gaming world as fans of their previous systems await its release. There have been several confirmed upgrades to the console which fans cannot ...


10 Best Games For Dog People (That are Actually Good)

There are those of us who are dog people, and our lives revolve around our love for these incredibly loyal beasts. We want to involve them in everything we do, or at least have some part of our day relate to them in one way or another.


The 10 Best Fortnite Items, Ranked

When it comes to battle royale games, the first question players ask tends to be, which guns are the most useful? They forget that while a gun may allow them to damage other players, it does not prote...