Sean Fairgrieve

Sean Fairgrieve is trained writer, filmmaker, and content creator with a passion for games. Sean produces and moderates "Retro Graders", a weekly podcast on iTunes featuring in-depth discussions on past films, video games and novels. When not burning the midnight oil, Sean enjoys reading, playing the games he writes about, and indulging in TV marathons on Netflix.

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25 Unforgettable Console Game Box Art Mistakes

Because you’re reading this, you probably view gaming as one of if not the greatest form of entertainment in the world. Part of the games industry’s success is due to the inclusive nature of its produ...


25 Cool Secrets You Didn’t Know About Star Trek

In Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry asked audiences “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.” This tenant is the backbone a...


Ranking Every Halo Game from WORST To Best

Revered by many as the single greatest video game series, Halo is a franchise with a strong legacy of deeply impacting gamers. Through the Master Chief’s gold visor, players have been invited time and...


The 25 Most Heroic Video Game Deaths Of All-Time

Some of the best video games are praised on the strength of their characters. Whether they are the clear underdog or are at the height of importance in the world, a great character is the backbone of ...


15 Intense Video Game Deaths You Forgot About

It is common knowledge with the general public that some video games contain violent subject matter that may go further than they are used to seeing in films. Despite this, bias to attack games for th...


15 Cities Grand Theft Auto Should NEVER Go To

The Grand Theft Auto games have widely been synonymous with controversies surrounding violence in the media. For all the franchise does, its satirical side is largely left out of the broader, more mai...


Horrifying: 15 Violent Scenes That RUIN Games

Few games are in the prestigious position to claim that they can deliver both a quality experience and simultaneously shock gamers. One may expect gruesome twists to occur at the end of the game but, ...

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