Articles by Stephen Lagioia

Pokémon Go: 10 Pokémon With The Highest HP


Switch's upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield seems to be all the talk of the Pokétown these days. Yet, there is still a relatively thriving community for the endlessly appealing AR mobile game, Pokémon ...

29 Hilarious 90s Kids Toys That Make No Sense


Many look back at the 90s as sort of a Golden Age of entertainment. This is especially true for those such as myself who grew up in the thick of the era and was fully immersed in the culture. As a kid...

20 Hilariously Bad 2000s Toys (And The 10 Best)


The dawn of the new millennium brought with it a plethora of some interesting toys that ranged from groundbreaking to outright lame; from sources of enjoyment to oddities, hazards, and pointless creat...

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