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25 Skyrim Logic Memes That Are Hilariously True

Every game world has its own special set of rules that everyone has to follow. For many of those games, and especially the ones that try and imitate life as closely as possible, those rules will be qu...


20 Hidden Locations You Never Found In Pokémon

I’ve played a lot of open world exploration games. Skyrim, Fallout, No Man’s Sky - they were all great for exploration, for getting down in the dirt and teasing out every last bit of information I cou...


20 Skyrim Cosplay That Are Steamier Than The Game

As much as I love the game, there is one thing I will never understand about Skyrim: if you’re in the Nord highlands and it’s a million degrees below zero, who does everyone have skin showing? That’s ...


Skyrim: 15 Mysteries That Were Never Answered

During one of my many playthroughs of Skyrim, I named my character Mulder. You see, he wasn’t really there to just save the world and end the rebellion like so many Dragonborn had before him. No, he w...


15 Indie Games That Are ONLY For Grown Ups

I’m not sure what society’s problem with nudity is. Your body, no matter what shape or size, is completely natural (well, for most of us - some of us can’t afford booty implants). There’s nothing to b...


15 Facts Mass Effect Gets Wrong About Space

Space. It’s been called the final frontier, the great beyond, and the ineffable void. It calls to humanity as the last true voyage left to, to discover the mysteries of the cosmos.

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