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Silas White is a freelance writer with a love for all things gaming. Previously he's been a lifeguard, local news writer, and administrative assistant. The first game he ever played was Super Mario 64, and he's been hooked ever since. His favorite genres are RPGs and action games. He follows competitive Overwatch, Smash Bros, and Dragonball Fighterz. A graduate of Ithaca College's journalism program, Silas wrote for his school paper, the Ithacan, and at one time was the co-editor for the Life and Culture Section. He wrote about video games whenever he had the chance, including a story covering the schools League of Legends team. His favorite games are The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Devil May Cry 3, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Halo: Reach. Right now he's pacing around his room in anticipation of Halo: Reach being re-released. When he's not playing videogames Silas enjoys cheering for the New York Yankees, watching anime, following the latest trends in technology, and listening to music. Look for him on Twitter @swhite_5 if you want to chat about gaming, voice acting, or why Halo will always be the best FPS series.

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Game News

Borderlands 3 Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

Gearbox Software will be hosting a free weekend event for Borderlands 3 this week.Running from Thursday, December 21, until December 24, players on PS4 and Xbox One will have a chance to visit Pandora without having to drop any cash.

Game News

Apple Is Working On An AR/VR Headset

Apple is reportedly developing new augmented reality and virtual reality devices, including a headset focused on gaming, watching videos, and virtual meetings. Anonymous sources told Bloomberg that Ap...

Game News

Atari Will Do Its Own Streaming Thing

Atari will be partnering with UK-based streaming service Antstream Arcade to bring thousands of retro games to their upcoming console, the Atari VCS. The service will be available on day one of the console's launch, which is slated for March 2020.

Game News

GameStop's Store Redesign Leaked

The new design of GameStop stores was leaked on Facebook about a week ago. The video, which can be seen below, shows off a store more focused on retro games and tabletop games than the former design, ...

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