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Barbie: 20 Ken Dolls That Were Never Cool

Barbie was a single woman for two years until Mattel decided to give her a boyfriend, in the form of Ken Carson. You likely didn't know that Ken had a surname, as he has mainly been known by his first name throughout his career, like Cher.


Pokémon: 20 Truths About The Legendary Pokémon

The title of "Legendary Pokémon" used to mean something back in the Game Boy era. These represented a small group of Pokémon that were unique to their world and outclassed pretty much every other non-Legendary creature in the game.


20 Barbie Dolls That Were Never Cool

Barbie has been one of the most popular fashion dolls in the world for almost sixty years now. She has maintained her popularity through every kind of cultural and social change that you can imagine. ...


18 Weird Secrets We Never Found In Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball manga series was very much a product of its time. There is a lot of material in it that would be considered objectionable by modern standards, such as the weird scenes (like when Andro...


20 Marvel Action Figures That Were Never Cool

The characters who appear in Marvel's comic books have been immortalized as action figures since the '60s, with Spider-Man toys made of cloth being sold in stores. The current success of the Marvel Ci...

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