Articles by Sergio Solorzano

Dr Disrespect Was Disrespected By A Twitter Hack


As an internet personally with a certain abrasive character, Dr Disrespect has earned his fair share of haters. Most viewers of his Twitch stream are aware that the "disrespect" he's named for is an a...

Red Dead Online Giving Out 1.5x Gold This Week


Read Dead Online Beta is dishing out the rewards this week, assuming players are willing to put in the work. Showdowns, Races, and Gun Rush are upping the cash prizes to one and a half times the usual...

What's Happening To Apex Legends?


Apex Legends is so last month. That's what recent Twitch viewership numbers are pointing to, anyway. Fortnite is now more than doubling Apex when it comes to viewers, reclaiming its spot as top battle...

Fallout 76 Repair Kit Fiasco, Explained


Bethesda was so close to climbing of the hole it dug for itself over Fallout 76, only to turn around and jump right back in. There were a few weeks recently where Fallout 76 managed to stay relatively...

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