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10 Games To Play If You Like Diablo III

If you've been living under a rock (which is highly unheard of for us gamers), then we have good news for you: Blizzard has finally uncovered Diablo IV and it's beautiful. Now, the bad news. It won't ...


Half-Life vs Portal: Which One Is Better?

Comparing Portal against Half-Life is like comparing a puppy against its daddy dog. But the dilemma is that the puppy is a lot cuter than the older dog now, and also knows new tricks. Anyway, both gam...


10 Things That Make No Sense In Borderlands 3

In a game like Borderlands 3, finding something that doesn't make sense is like looking for a needle in a haystack—except the haystack is full of fake needles and you're stuck searching for the real o...


10 Best RPG Horror Games

Roleplaying horror games is an underserved niche genre. Probably because combining the confidence-boosting treasure hunter bliss of RPGs with the ominous tension of horror is a difficult marriage to p...


Witcher 3: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Triss

Ever since CD Projekt RED acquired the video game adaptation license to The Witcher novels, the stunning redhead Triss Merigold has always fought the icy brunette Yennefer for the spotlight, or, a spe...

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