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Mistover Review: Kawaii Dungeon Crawler

An ancient, horrible cosmic entity seeks to destroy the world, and the only ones capable of stopping it are a ragtag group of mercenaries assembled in a small hamlet. Racing against the clock, these s...

Game Reviews

MageQuit Review: Wizard Party

MageQuit is an indie multiplayer title that will likely have slipped under most Steam users’ radars. The freshman effort of the whimsical development team, Bowlcut studios, MageQuit is evocative of co...

TheGamer Originals

Call Of Duty Can't Shock Us Anymore

Once upon a time, Call of Duty’s campaign mode was the focal point of the franchise. Before Black Ops 4 — the series’ 15th main installment — removed the mode entirely, Call of Duty was all about real...

TheGamer Originals

Weird Moments In Nintendo's History

For better or worse, we have Nintendo to thank for the modern-day gaming industry; they revived the North American market with the NES in 1985 and have, for the most part, stood in a league of their o...

Game News

New Games Announced For Apple Arcade

Mobile games first made it big not long after the debut of Apple’s first iPhone in 2007. While the initial batch of games were little more than disposable curiosities, they quickly evolved into a bill...

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