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10 Board Games That Are Easy Pickups For Parties

Need to plan a party, or get together and need some entertainment? Or maybe you just want something to kill some time with a group without having to rely on everyone staring down at their phones. Well...


Colonel Sanders: 10 Weirdest Games About Fast Food

With the recent release of the KFC and Wendy's games, we wanted to take a look at other food related projects. We’re going to stretch the definition of “fast food” to include everything that is bad fo...


10 Hilarious Board Games That Will Win The Night

Board games used to be all the rage before video games started to become more prominent in homes around the 80s. They were very basic in a world where its counterpart was always evolving. Sometime in ...


10 Pro Tips For Astral Chain You Should Know

Astral Chain is the next big Nintendo Switch exclusive from PlatinumGames. Mastered it yet? It’s been a little over a week now so we thought we would check in to see how everyone was doing.


10 Things That Make No Sense In Man Of Medan

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is relatively plot hole free. That is incredible considering there were many in Supermassive Game’s last big title, Until Dawn. How Rami Malek pulled off some of his st...

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