Articles by Tyler Lacoma


Skyrim: 25 Mistakes They Want Us To Ignore

Skyrim is filled with awesome things. Dragons, fantastic other dimensions, famous treasures, beautiful mountains filled with secret tombs…and just so many glitches. In an enormous open world game (eve...


25 Things In Skyrim That Impress Us With Bravado

Skyrim is a game with a thousand stories. Actually, it’s probably way more than that. We didn’t count all of them. But every player soon finds out that is a massive land with a story around every corn...


25 Strange Things You Never Noticed in Fallout 4

Let’s not pretend. Fallout is meant to be a little inappropriate. Part of its charm is how it portrays a real wasteland, somewhere between the 1950s and a world with nasty, nasty people who do whateve...


25 Uh Oh Things You Never Noticed In Skyrim

Skyrim is a vast and beautiful game, filled with quests to complete and things you can kill. It’s no wonder that fans spend hundreds of hours exploring its hundreds of dungeons, looking for new loot a...


15 Crazy Mistakes You Never Noticed In Overwatch

There are two types of mistakes in Overwatch. The first kind is the mistake everyone knows about – it's when you didn't switch from Widowmaker to Winston at the right time, or when your team was too b...