Articles by William Boyd


The 20 WORST Things About WWE 2K18

It’s that time of year again when we get to smell what 2K’s cooking with their annual WWE game. This year we got WWE 2K18, a title that sports the biggest roster to date, a much improved graphical fac...


20 Things About Rugrats Nickelodeon Keeps Secret

It’s no exaggeration to say that Rugrats was one of the best cartoons of the ‘90s. With its wonderful cast of characters, its iconic animation design, and its humorous dialogue, the show became a kids...


15 GARBAGE Survival Horror Games We'd Rather Die Than Play

No other genre of gaming can give you the same feeling as survival horror games. Much like their horror movie inspirations, survival horror games can excite, frighten, and get the player’s adrenaline rushing like no other form of video game.


15 Hidden Secrets That Weren’t Found For Decades

Those pesky game developers have included hidden code in their titles for decades now – some worthwhile, others just plain silly. However, the ‘Easter egg’ has become something that gamers just can’t get enough of.


15 Absolutely TERRIBLE Soccer Games

There’s a certain art involved in making a good soccer game. With a sport so beloved around the world, adapting it to video game standards can be extremely tricky. The finesse, the subtleties, and the...

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