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Overwatch: The Pros & Cons of Playing Symmetra

Symmetra is a very interesting figure in the Overwatch community, with highs and lows throughout her existence. At her worst, she was a symbol of trolls and griefers in the community. After two rework...


Overwatch: The Pros & Cons of Playing Ashe

The Deadlock Gang leader has fallen to the wayside since her release. Widely received by content creators, streamers and hitscan enthusiasts, Ashe’s kit offered something interesting compared to the t...


Overwatch: 10 Tips To Overcoming A Bastion Comp

Most Overwatch players are not a fan of “cheese comps,” which are team compositions that require less effort or “cheap” tactics to ensure victory. The comp that seems to change and iterate with each n...


Overwatch: The Pros & Cons of Playing Reaper

Reaper is part of the legacy of Overwatch. Not only was he one of the first heroes to be announced and marketed during Overwatch’s official announcement, but he was also used in the initial testing of...


Overwatch: 10 Characters Who Need More Lore

A big draw to Overwatch when it first launched was the expansive world and lore attached to each character. Every hero contributes to the world in their own unique way, whether it’s leading a terroris...


10 Best Custom Characters Made In Soul Calibur VI

One of the best features of Soul Calibur VI is the character creation mode. Not only does it provide entertainment for players, but it even created a whole community. There are subreddits, YouTube vid...


11 Things You Didn't Know About Platinum Games

Bayonetta. Nier: Automata. Astral Chain. These are some of the hottest games in the video game industry, and what do they all have in common? They were developed by the celebrated PlatinumGames. This ...


10 Things You Didn't Know About Blizzard

Blizzard, nowadays known as Activision Blizzard, has a long, long history in the gaming industry. They contributed to the PC gaming space before it became a platform necessity. They helped spearhead g...


Pokémon: Every City In Sinnoh, Ranked

Sinnoh is the region where the Legendary Pokémon of Time and Space reside. A recurring trend in Pokémon games since Red and Blue is how important the towns relate to their respective games’ overall th...

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