25 Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Reimagined As Parents

Avatar: The Last Bender and The Legend of Korra span hundreds of years — these artists have captured the generations of characters.

With the recent release of The Dragon Prince on Netflix, the new show from Avatar scribe Aaron Ehasz, we thought it was high-time to give you another article about Avatar. Okay, this article isn’t going to be like those other Avatar articles. This article combines two of your favorite subjects: Avatar (obviously) and pregnant characters.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a smash hit when it hit Nickelodeon in 2005. Years later, The Legend of Korra helped stave off those cold sweats from lack of Aang in our lives. But there is a major gap between the series. The Legend of Korra opens in a period where Aang and Katara’s children are already super old, unwittingly forcing child audiences to contemplate their own lives and their inevitable irrelevance after they are gone. Good job, Nickelodeon.

We know what happens during this gap— lots of characters match up and have kids, but we don’t get to see much of it. We should get to see them have kids. I want to watch it through the window of television. For better or worse, we don’t get that window. Luckily a legion of talented artists and devoted Avatar and Korra fans. Here are 25 Avatar characters turned into parents by the community.

25 You’ll Blow Us All Away


Art by: kathuon.tumblr

I don’t think fan artists will ever get sick of showing Kataang in scenes of domestic bliss. If Norman Rockwell were still around, he’d be whipping out slice-of-life Avatar fan art of Aang and Katara in small-town settings. Much of the impetus comes from knowing there were several scenes like this canonically but we weren’t treated to very many between Avatar and Korra. Thankfully we have the fans to fill in the gaps.

24 I’m Not Going Anywhere


Art by: firesphere306

This piece is titled “She’s Somebody’s Hero.” It couldn’t be more true. Since Toph basically had giant badger things as family growing up, it stands to reason she’d fill the void by being a wonderful parent herself. Or it would go the other way. Thankfully it didn’t. The artist, firesphere306, says, “This picture is for all of the kids out there that love their mothers no matter where they are at. Also for the mothers out there that love their little babies.”

23 Uncle… Look What Mai Did


Art by: jabberwockyface

This piece is called “Uncle… Look What Mai Did.” Judging from Mai’s expression, she’s not too happy with Zuko’s choice of words. Um, it wasn’t all her. You were there too, buddy.

Really? Did nobody bother to ask Mai how she’s doing after baby-bending?

I’m happy Uncle was around to meet the newest addition to the Fire Nation. According to the artist, Zuko is half-sweating/half-crying here. I’m not crying, I’m just half-sweating/half-crying.

22 Meet The Benders


Art by: fierystampede

Now, this is a splendid piece of work. The art style is assured and highly professional. The artist, fierystampede, says they wanted to draw a scene from the time where Aang and Katara didn’t know which of their kids could bend what. Even more impressive, the artist claims to only have started watching the show about a week before drawing this. The deep dive into Avatar/Korra fandom and making fan art is real.

21 Lil’ Lin


Art by: nekokonut

Ah, ain’t this the cutest. Toph tried to give Lin the life she never had as a girl— a relatively unrestricted, carefree existence. Toph’s childhood was marked by too much strictness. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire approach to parenting never stopped Lin from trying to see her mother’s approval. It’s a burden we all carry to some degree. Like when you use your PhD in the field of memetics to pursue a career in writing about Avatar characters as parents. Hi, mom.

20 Bison Riding With Dad


Art by: bbandittt

This scene of Aang flying with Tenzin is spectacular. Artist bbandittt wrote that watching the premier of The Legend of Korra made them very emotional for Aang.

Daddy said he’d take me on a flying bison ride, but he didn’t say anything about a feels-ride.

The artist’s love for the show shines through this marvelous piece of work. The look on Tenzin’s face is also priceless, knowing that one day he’ll grow up to be JK Simmons.

19 Katara’s Baby Bending


Art by: saburox

Okay, I know you people like seeing these versions of the characters you love, but this is getting out of control. Seriously though, she looks like she’s packing all three of their kids at once. No disrespect to the artist— SaburoX did a fantastic job. If you like what you see here, click through to the artist’s link for the accompanying fan fiction. Yes, there is always fan fiction.

18 Making A New Family


Art by: freestyletrue

One of the reasons fans love to make their own family portraits, I believe, is due to the prevalence of family portraits in the shows themselves. Bolin and Mako lost their parents when they were young. All they have to remember them by is an old family photo.

Why is it always fictional kids without parents who have old family photos?

Luckily, Bolin can be seen here making a new family instead. Lost your old family? Just make a new one!

17 The Next Generation


Art by: metaa

Now for a more realistic look at the Avatar and Korra cast. With both series being love letters to Japanese anime and broadly referencing distinct Asian cultures, we don’t often see the characters depicted as 100% Asian. Like many games and anime, the characters often look caucasian despite originating from Japan. That aesthetic was no accident; they were conscious marketing movies to appeal to Western audiences. Artist MeTaa has gone back to the roots here.

16 The Family Behind The Legend


Art by: salpal22

I still love the fact JK Simmons is the voice of Tenzin.

“Bring me pictures of the Spider— I mean Airbender-man on my desk by noon!”

But seriously, folks, it’s a testament to Mr. Simmons’ professional range that he embodies Tenzin so perfectly. He’s a world away from his wacky character in Portal 2. Now, all we need is a live-action reboot where Simmons plays Tenzin. We should get M. Night Shyamalan to direct!...

15 A Fiery Family


Art by: sunsetriders7

If this fan art feels more authentic than some, there’s a good reason. Artist sunsetriders7 used a screenshot from the show to match the palette. According to the artist this image depicts, “Firelord Zuko and his wife Jin overlooking the turtleduck pond with their children Honora and Lee/Roku. This one was pretty fun to do but it's actually a lot more work (…)” On behalf of TheGamer community, we’re glad you took the time.

14 Zuko’s Proudest Moment


Art by: viria13

I adore this iteration of an older Zuko. There are loads and loads of talented fan artists out there, but much of the grown-up Zuko art I’ve seen tends to draw him like a bigger version of his character from the show. That’s alright. Realistic even. He likely would look close to how he does as a teenager. But I love how this picture fully transforms him into a seasoned, mature looking older man.

13 Zutara: What Could Have Been


Art by: happyzuko

Wait a minute. Hold up. What timeline is this? Unfortunately for all Zutara fans out there, Kataang is 100% canon.

If Aang never got with Katara, JK Simmons would be out of a job and living on the street with nothing but his Oscar to lull him to sleep in the lonely gutters.

This artist says to heck with JK Simmons and imagines a world where Katara ended up with Zuko. If you think that’s what should’ve happened, you’re not alone.

12 Different Parents, One Family


Art by: suirenshinju

Creepy much, Aang? What are you, a spirit bender now? Ha. Ha. Just kidding. I make jokes to hide the pain. And there’s a lot of pain to hide from looking at this beautiful image. As one of the commenters in the deviantart page who will go uncredited puts it— it’s as if Korra has been accepted into the family. I mean, she is the reincarnation of Aang in a sense. She’s the head of this household, dangit.

11 Parent-Bending


Art by: fellie220

One of the things that still blows my mind about the Avatar and Legend of Korra universe is the major time jump between series. Not many television shows get away with such an ambitious maneuver. I’ll let the artist of this piece sum up my feelings: “I can't over the fact how much Aang loved Tenzin. Sure, he loved his other kids just as much, but Tenzin was an airbender. How overjoyed Aang must have felt when he realized that the airbender line would live on.”

10 Kainora For Life


Art by: freestyletrue

There are several family photos in this article. Well, there are several family photos of Avatar and Korra on deviantart. I’m not sure why there are so many. I mean, I understand why fans want to draw the families of the characters they love so much. With such a big gap between the shows and the canonical romancing that goes, we want to fill in the gaps. But why family photos? Why not hardcore family training matches!? Not that we’re complaining; this art is awesome.

9 Sokka And Toph’s What If


Art by: rhoey

Okay, so who the heck is this Kanto jerk? Toph and Sokka is not canonical *cries* so who is Lin’s father? We learn that it’s some guy named Kanto. I don’t think that refers to the entire Kanto region in Pokémon. At least we hope not. As sad as it is to say, Toph having children with someone she didn’t know when she was a kid is a bit more realistic than all childhood friends matching up together later in life.

8 The Cherry Tree


Art by: moni158

This is a stunning piece of work. Artist moni158 has such a distinctive style. The thick brush strokes coupled with a vibrant color scheme make this piece stand out among several Avatar: The Last Airbender family photos— and there are a lot of them out there. Take my word on it. Any guesses as to the swaddled baby Katara is holding? That’s right, it’s none other than Tenzin. Fun fact: he sounded just like adult JK Simmons as a baby too.

7 Korra And Asami’s Future Kids


Art by: hazurasinner.tumblr

One of the best things about the end of The Legend of Korra is Asami x Korra. Sorry, haters. It’s canon. Although the show left things kinda ambiguous, the creators have explicitly stated Korra and Asami did end up together romantically.

As they say on the internet, this is the dawn of the Gender Bender!

Both series have always been progressive, reflecting the world as it really is— with people of all shapes and colors— through fantasy. I think the creators deserve props for doing it on a kid’s show no less. My work here is done. *Turns off virtue signal*

6 Bolin And Opal’s Family Photo


Art by: freestyletrue

Another Bolin x Opal fan art ship for your pleasure. This match is certainly a fan favorite. I’ll leave it to the artist, freestyletrue, to describe what they did here: “If Bolin and Opal get together, this is what I think their family would be like! <3 I think they would have an earthbending daughter, two twin boys that are an earthbender and airbender, and a little airbending toddler! Too cute. Not sure about names though.” Feel free to leave suggestions in the facebook comments!

5 Zutara And The Kid Who Didn’t Get To Exist


Art by: kuro-akumako

Zutara is not the most popular ship in the Avatar-verse. Not that this has ever stopped fan artists before, but it’s not canon. I don’t want to ramble on and on about canon because I think it’s fabulous to imagine diverse scenarios. We get to enjoy way more sweet art that way. In this case, commenters seem to be anti-Zutara but we can all agree this is a terrific piece from artist akumako.

4 Nations United


Art by: kuro-akumako

Did you think we were done with Zutara? Not by a longshot. I’m not totes positive why fans love to ship previous enemies with each other, but it’s a popular choice. Enemies matching up is a trope that is becoming more vogue all the time. Don’t believe me? Many YA books nowadays feature opponents from different nations getting all romantical with each other. As a genre, Avatar and Korra arguably most resemble YA fantasy literature for themes and settings.

3 Never A Boring Day With An Avatar Dad


Art by: coptermode

Referencing Lilo and Stitch of all things, artist coptermode has named this piece, “Ohana.” Ohana, of course, means family. If you saw the movie, that ought to be the first piece of dialogue that springs to your head. The artist made this piece after Avatar ended to combat their debilitating withdrawal. Apparently, they’ve been ugly-sobbing ever since. We’re right there with you, coptermode, we’re right there with you. *ugly-sobs forever*

2 Toph Love


Art by: characterundefined

Seeing Toph being a sensitive and vulnerable mom brings all the feels to the yard. Since Toph was belittled from a young age for being blind, she grew up hard as the earth she bends. She was always more metal than the others. The puns go on. It’s refreshing that she decided to abandon the strictness of her upbringing when she became a mom herself. It’s common for parents to make a hard U-Turn from the parenting style they were brought up with, which is why I never plan on telling my kids I love them or paying for their lunches.

1 Ticklin’ Tenzin


Art by: sakura-rose12

No matter how powerful Aang becomes, he’ll always be that scrawny kid they found in a glacier. He can always make our hearts bend, you know what I’m saying? I, for one, am happy JK Simmons got to grow up with a dad who was so fun-loving. Artist Sakura-rose12 deftly evokes the whimsical quality of the series. The attention to detail and shadowing is particularly impressive as well. Give us more of this. Now!

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