25 Weird Things About Toph’s Anatomy In Avatar The Last Airbender

There are many Western animated shows that have graced our screens over the course of time, but not a lot of them have delved completely into the fantasy genre. Of course, we're not saying that there are no notable animated fantasy shows —because there are several— but most of these shows don't fully explore the diverse world they create. This is an itch that most people were just waiting to get scratched since they wanted to witness what a dedicated Western animation studio would be able to create. Finally, Nickelodeon answered this call by greenlighting a show that would go on to make history. Yep, you guessed it — the show we're talking about is none other than Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Words can't begin to describe just how iconic and relevant this series became over time, but we'll still try our very best. Everything from the incredible lore and world to the brilliant hard magic system has been seared in the minds of people lucky enough to witness the series in its heyday. In fact, the series was so popular that it actually received a sequel in the form of The Legend Of Korra, which was great in its own way. However, one simply can't talk about the original show without mentioning its colorful cast of rambunctious characters that are memorable in every sense of the word. One such character is Toph, who is introduced as a helpless blind girl but is the complete opposite... well, except for the blind part. That's constant.

Anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand and talk about 25 of the weirdest things regarding Toph's body that you probably didn't know about.

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25 Toph Is The Only Blind Person Present In Either Series

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The Avatar series definitely doesn't lack behind when it comes to inclusivity. However, Toph is still the only blind person present in the entire series. It

Isn't that kinda odd? While it's true that you won't exactly find blind people all the time, it's still slightly odd that a major series like Avatar only has one important blind person in its world. It would definitely be interesting to see Toph interacting with another character who shares her situation.

24 The Initial Design Of Toph Was Completely Different

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However, if things went like they were originally intended to be, then chances are that we might not even have had a single blind person in the series.

This is because Toph's original design was wildly different from the final concept.

You see, Toph was originally designed to be a big, burly man with perfect eyesight. This design was worked upon time and time again, until it was finally changed to an extent where Toph ended up being a small, blind girl with deceptively strong skills.

23 Toph Has No Reading Or Writing Skills

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Would it surprise you if we said that Toph wasn't exactly the model daughter? Constantly looked down upon because of her perceived disability, Toph was not given the treatment she felt she deserved.

Hence, she didn't learn how to read or write, among a number of other things.

This oppression that she faced from her parents on a regular basis finally compelled her to discard her former life and join hands with the Avatar in a bid to experience a new life, where she was treated as an equal.

22 Her Name Has Numerous Allegories

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Toph's name has a ton of hidden meanings behind it, which can honestly get quite overwhelming. For example, her name written in Chinese means "northern expanding lotus," which might indicate towards the fact that she's coming out of her shell after joining Team Avatar.

Of course, if one looks the name in a simple manner, then Toph can also be a way to say "tough" — a name that's quite fitting for her personality. It can also mean "toff," which is a British slang term that means "upper-class."

21 Toph Can Extend Her Seismic Sense On Multiple Surfaces With Varying Efficiency

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Being blind as a bat, it was important for Toph to develop a seismic sense of sorts so that she didn't end up falling behind other benders, especially when it came to battles where she needed to be at her A-game.

Thus, to ensure that the lack of sight didn't hinder her too much, Toph decided to develop her seismic sense so that she would understand the world around her, letting her "see" without her eyes.

20 Toph Can Sense People's Lies

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It seems that being blind actually worked in Toph's favor since she was able to prevent herself from being deceived by appearances. This allowed her to use this seismic sense to get a gauge on a person's emotions and figure out whether they were lying or not.

Of course, this ability had its limits. Toph couldn't stand on sandy or other such unstable surfaces and make full use of this ability. She also couldn't detect the lies of people who had excellent control over their emotions, like Azula.

19 Toph Is The Only Known Individual Capable Of Using Both Variations Of Seismic Sense

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You'd think that seismic sense would be something that is common among most earthbenders, but you'd be wrong. We say this because of the fact that Toph was the first person in Avatar history to actually use this ability!

This ability was later passed down to her daughters, Lin and Suyin Beifong. However, they couldn't use this ability to its maximum potential, meaning that Toph was the only person capable of both "seeing" and detecting lies by using seismic sense.

18 She Learned Earthbending By Crawling On All Fours, Like Badger Moles

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Being young and cooped up in a massive mansion, it's not like Toph had many outlets of entertainment. Thus, she managed to befriend a group of badgermoles that — through their odd movements — allowed her to grasp the basics of earthbending.

Anyone with a fair bit of knowledge regarding the Avatar universe can state for a fact that badgermoles are the originators of earthbending, and Toph was able to learn the rawest form of earthbending by crawling on all fours and replicating their movements.

17 She Discovered Metalbending

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Before the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, metalbending was considered to be nothing more than a pipe dream for the majority of earthbenders. That is, until a desperate situation forced Toph to learn this new art and break through her metal prison.

This was an amazing discovery in the world of Avatar, and Toph went on to found her very own metalbending school to pass the tricks of the trade down to the next generations of earthbenders.

16 Although Toph's Hair Seems Short, It’s Actually Quite Long And Bushy When She Let It Down

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The biggest misconception about Toph's character is her hairdo — something that most people consider to be pretty short. Well, this is most definitely not the case. Even though Toph's hair might seem pretty short, if she lets it down then it's actually deceptively long.

In a way, this can be seen as an allegory of her entire personality. While Toph might seem very mild and down-to-earth at a first glance, she actually turned out to be a brash, loud-mouthed individual who'd do everything in her power to get what she wants.

15 Toph Is The Only Member Of Team Avatar With A Specified Last Name

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Now, this is an interesting piece of information that was dangling in front of everyone's face all this time. Just think about this for a second — can you recall the last names of Aang, Zuko, Sokka, and Katara? You obviously can't, since they were never mentioned, to begin with.

Meanwhile, every ardent Avatar fan knows the name Beifong by heart, since that's established early on to be Toph's last name. It's a weird thing that the series has never really bothered to explain.

14 Toph Was The Only Member Of Team Avatar With The Same Age As Aang

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It's kinda weird to think that Aang was only twelve years old in the series. This just goes to show how much pressure had been put on him from an early age. People can actually understand why he felt the need to run away from this pressure.

Thankfully, Aang didn't have to be the youngest person in Team Avatar who had to shoulder a ton of responsibilities. Even Toph was twelve years old as well, and she had her own share of problems that she needed to deal with.

13 Toph Is Also The Only Member Whose Life Wasn’t Dramatically Changed By The Fire Nation

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However, unlike the rest of Team Avatar, Toph can't exactly call herself traumatized in the first place. After all, every member of the team has a personal stake in the battle against the Fire Nation — something that Toph can't exactly replicate.

Of course, we're not saying that Toph is fighting against the Fire Nation for no reason whatsoever — ending the Hundred Year War is something that's in the mind of everyone that was residing in the Avatar universe at that point. However, her stakes are certainly lower, compared to the rest.

12 Toph Was The Least Spiritual Bender In Team Avatar

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For someone who had to scrape by at every given opportunity and learn everything on her own two feet without any external help, it's normal for Toph to believe that the only person who had her best interests at heart was... well, herself.

Thus, it must be said that Toph would obviously be skeptical when it came to the concept of spiritual belief, opting instead to trust in the things that she could realistically believe. In a way, you could say that her beliefs were pretty "grounded."

Get it? We said grounded because... ah, nevermind.

11 Toph Spoke The Very Last Line In The Original Series

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Time to talk about a useless non-achievement that serves as nothing more than a useless piece of trivia, and nothing else. Near the end of the series, one would assume that the last line would be said by the Avatar Aang, or Katara, or Zuko — pretty much anyone else that would fit the bill, aside from Toph.

However, the luxury of uttering the last line in this memorable series was given to none other than Toph herself. This line was as follows — "Well, I think you all look perfect together."

One can only wonder as to why the showrunners considered Toph to be worthy enough to say this last line... but perhaps we're looking into it a bit too much.

10 Toph's Earth Rumble Outfit Was Influenced By European Fashion Styles

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Before we get into the details of this major fact, let's start off with a minor one — did you know that the outfit that Toph wore for the majority of the series was called the Earth Rumble outfit? Isn't that something neat?

Well, that's not the only thing you need to know about. Apparently, according to the show's creators, this outfit was actually influenced by age-old European fashion styles.

It seems that attention to detail is a constant in the Avatar universe... including fashion sense as well.

9 Toph And Katara Are The Only Known People To Have Trained Two Different Avatars

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Here's another achievement in the record books for Toph, which she also happens to jointly share with Katara. One of the main reasons why Toph decided to join Team Avatar was so that she could teach Aang the art of earthbending. Well, Katara was the one who taught Aang waterbending, making both of them highly effective mentors that fostered his growth.

Well, this mentorship stretched over to Korra's learning as well, who received guidance from both an aged Katara and Toph. Thus, both of these people have the distinction of training two different Avatars.

8 She Hits People On Their Shoulder As A Sign Of Affection

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Most people have odd ways of showing their affection towards a person. However, in the case of Toph, it seems that her method of showing friendliness is one of the weirdest ones of the lot.

We say this because Toph shows affection in a rather crude manner — by punching someone on the shoulder. Most people would understandably turn hostile upon this action, but in the case of Toph, it seems that her friends understand her way more than we do.

7 Toph Had A Crush On Sokka

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Most people might consider this to be nothing more than pure speculation. After all, why would someone as headstrong as Toph fall for a womanizing buffoon like Sokka? Well, this is mainly because of the fact that love is blind — in this case, quite literally.

On a serious note, there are many hints in the series that point towards this overarching fact that most fans have clung onto.

In fact, one might say that this crush might've actually evolved over time into something else...

6 It's Possible That She Might've Had A Brief Romance With Sokka

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In The Legend Of Korra, it's revealed that Toph sired two children with two different fathers, making her quite the player indeed. Anyway, while the identity of one of these fathers is revealed in the form of Kanto, the other mystery man is yet to be revealed.

However, if one has paid attention to the events in the series, then chances are that the second father is none other than Sokka. While this hasn't been explicitly stated, it's the explanation that makes the most sense.

5 Toph Is One Of Two Known Characters To Have Had Children With Two Different Men

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Speaking of Toph's children, we must say that raising two children from two different fathers must've been an incredibly hard task in every sense of the word, and we commend Toph for accomplishing such a major feat.

Well, it seems that this also provides Toph with another distinction of being the only person in the Avatar universe to have sired two different children with two different fathers. Whether this is an achievement or not is up to your interpretation.

4 Toph Was The Only Person In Team Avatar That Didn’t Have A Romantic Relationship

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Unfortunately, it seems we have to talk about Toph's love life, which is as barren as the earth that she bends. It seems that, out of all the members present in Team Avatar, Toph is the only one who didn't have a substantial relationship by the end of the series.

It's kinda sad to be honest, since she did have two children but both fathers left her alone and forced her to raise these girls on her own. It seems that a stable partner was never on the cards for Toph, which is kinda unfair.

3 Toph's Old Design Was An Influence For Bolin's Character In Legend Of Korra

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Remember when we talked about the old design of Toph and how she was supposed to be nothing like the final iteration of her character?

Well, it seems that this initial inspiration was still strong in the minds of the creators.

We say this because of the fact that the character of Bolin in The Legend Of Korra takes a lot of inspiration from the initial sketch of Toph's character — with an extra dose of humor, that is.

2 She Displays Remarkable Agility For A Blind Person

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You'd expect someone who was born blind to think twice before taking a single step. After all, the fact that the person can't see a single thing in front of them is bound to raise some concerns, right?

However, don't waste your time worrying for Toph.

The seismic sense that we've talked about previously has acted as a third eye for Toph, allowing her to "see" to an extent and hone her agility to be effective in tense situations without any compromises.

1 She Has A Hidden Passion For Acting And Theater

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It seems that one facet of the innocent girl persona still hasn't dissipated entirely from Toph's rough exterior. No matter how hard she tries, there's one interest she has that will never disappear.

She is still very much interested in the art of acting and the grand spectacle of theater.

This can be seen in the fact that she is the only one who's actually vested in the play that Team Avatar witness during a point in their adventure.

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