10 Fan Theories About Avengers: Endgame That Are Confirmed To Be True (And 10 We Hope Aren't)

It's been a long ride for fans of the MCU. With Endgame closing out a decade long saga, fans have their theories. Some might even be correct.

It's been a long ride for fans who have been around since the beginning of the MCU. Beginning in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie "Phase One" of the MCU brought many of the classic superheroes and villains from Marvel comics to the big screen. We got to see the origin stories of quite a few of the most popular Marvel heroes retold for a modern audience and one of the biggest movies within Phase One had to be Avengers. The 2012 film featured an all-star cast, marked the end of Phase One, and the beginning of the Avengers franchise, setting a high expectation for the following sequels.

Infinity War delivered by not only including a massive team-up of heroes but being the first time our heroes had pretty much lost the battle. Thanos had proved to be (at least so far) the worst of the villains as he was successful in his plot to use the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the Universe. He left our heroes beaten at the end Infinity War and left fans in shock and crying out for the next installment in the Avengers franchise.

And in no time at all, we'll finally get to see how our heroes recover from their losses and 'avenge' the fallen with the fourth and final Avengers movie, Endgame. During the wait, fans have been throwing plenty of theories around about the fourth movie some based off of careful and detailed examination and others to mind-boggling that we're not sure what to think of them. But here are 10 Endgame Fan Theories Confirmed to be True and 10 That We hope Are Not.

20 Confirmed: Captain Marvel Will Help The Avengers

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When Thanos assembled all of the Infinity Stones and succeeded in wiping out half of the universe he also dusted half of our heroes to our horror. In the upcoming film Avengers: Endgame, it stands to reason that our remaining heroes need all the help they can get, and luckily for them, one of the strongest heroes of the MCU is around to do so, Captain Marvel. Fans had been wondering if Carol Danvers would be making an appearance in Endgame every since we got that scene of Fury seemingly paging her right before he got dusted. We pretty much got it confirmed with the second official Endgame trailer and the first look trailer that shows Captain Marvel piloting our heroes into space.

19 We Hope Isn't: Captain America Won't Survive

Captain America
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When most think of the Avengers Captain America is almost certainly always included. The super soldier played by Chris Evans has always been the de-facto leader of the group. It wouldn't really be an Avengers movie without him, so many fans get chills with the fan theory that good ol' Cap might bite the dust with Endgame. Many fan theories suggest that the team will have to make a huge sacrifice in order to save the day this time around and fans are worried that Captain America's life might just be that sacrifice. And with Chris Evans' contract up on his role as Steve Rogers, many fans think Endgame might be the perfect opportunity to give the Captain one final sendoff.

18 Confirmed: Ant-Man Is Still Alive

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There were a few people we didn't see get dusted towards the end of Infinity War and it left us feeling pretty anxious over their fate. One of those people was Ant-Man (Scott Lang) as he wasn't apart of the Battle of Wakanda. But fans were hopeful that he was still alive as the first Endgame trailer had him listed as missing.

Fans theories that had him still alive were all pretty much confirmed with the end credits of Ant-Man and the Wasp, showing us why he wasn't around in Infinity War. And him joining the fight was pretty much confirmed with the second Endgame trailer that shows him ringing the door of the Avengers. Oh, how we have missed you, Scott!

17 We Hope Isn't: Iron Man Won't Survive

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Another member of the Avengers that is synonymous with the franchise has to be Iron Man. If there's a co-leader of the group it would be Tony Stark. Iron Man has certainly been through a lot since Infinity War and fans are anxious to see him return to Earth. So it goes without saying that they don't want to see him lose his life in Endgame either. Tony has shown himself to be self-sacrificing before, willing to even give up his life if it meant keeping others safe so there have been fan theories buzzing around that during the 11th hour Iron Man might sacrifice himself to ensure that the rest of the team makes it out alive.

16 Confirmed: Hawkeye Will Return As "Ronin"

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Another hero missing in Infinity War who fans were theorizing was still alive was Hawkeye. Last time we saw him was in Civil War and we assumed he was under house arrest after the events of that. Fans were relieved to see him again when the trailers for Endgame dropped and began to speculate if his new edgy look (and wicked looking sword) marked him taking up the moniker of Ronin. This fan theory was confirmed when Hasbro released a sneak peek of their new Marvel Legends figure line that includes heroes seen in the upcoming Endgame film One is labeled as "Ronin" and it looks like he'll have a few cool accessories packed with him, which includes parts to a "Build-a-figure" Thanos.

15 We Hope Isn't: Clint's Family Got Dusted

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During Age of Ultron fans, and most of the Avengers themselves were shocked to find that Hawkeye was a family man. When the team needed a place to hide out during the Ultron Offensive they met Barton's pregnant wife Laura and their two kids, Cooper and Lila. In the short time that they were featured, the Barton family warmed the hearts of many fans. So one fan theory that we hope isn't real is that Laura and the kids were among those that got dusted during the snap. One theory suggests that Clint losing his family might be the reasoning behind him taking up the darker and edgier Ronin moniker.

14 Confirmed: Tony Makes It Back To Earth

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Infinity War not only cut the Avengers down by half, but it also separated them, as Iron Man and Spider Man ended up going to Titan with Doctor Strange to try and stop Thanos. When the snap happened, everyone but Tony and Nebula were left still stranded on the planet. The first trailer for Endgame had fans terrified of the idea of Tony drifting out in space, waiting for it all to end, and a flurry of fan theories sprung up from Tony hitching a ride back to Earth with Captain Marvel to Nebula helping Tony make it back to earth. We don't know (yet) how he makes it back but he's seen reunited with his friends and loved ones in the more recent trailers.

13 We Hope Isn't: Ant-Man Saves The Day By Crawling Up Thanos' Hindquarters

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Anyone that has been on the internet the last couple of months has undoubtedly heard of the wild fan theory of how Ant-Man might be able to defeat Thanos by getting in real close and personal with the Mad Titan. The Reddit theory has spiraled into so many memes and has even been talked about by the Russo Bros and Paul Rudd himself.

The main idea of this theory is that Ant-Man's ability to shrink down to a small size would allow him to attack Thanos from the inside. While we're all having good (and weird) fun with it, we certainly hope that this theory doesn't come true. Seriously.

12 Confirmed: Some Time Has Passed Between "Infinity War" And "Endgame"

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We were left with the cliffhangers of all cliffhangers at the end of Infinity War that immediately left us wondering where the next Avengers movie would start us off. There were several fan theories that suggested Endgame wouldn't take off immediately after the events of Infinity War. In past trailers, it seems as if a considerable amount of time has passed since the snap, with our hero's sporting different looks, especially Black Widow as its been enough time for her red locks to grow back out. This source here references a 10-minute screening from Disney of Endgame confirms that (at the very least) some time has passed as Tony mentions that he and Nebula have been stranded in space for 22 days.

11 We Hope Isn't: Some Of The Avengers Have Been Fake Versions Of Themselves

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Characters masquerading as other characters isn't anything new to the MCU. We have Loki who pretended to be Odin for a time and Captain Marvel brought us the Skrulls, an alien race with the ability to shapeshift, perfectly mimicking a person down to their DNA. There have been a few fan theories that suggest that some of the Avengers during the events of Infinity War were actually imposters. Fans use this theory to explain why Bruce Banner was unable to transform into the Hulk, even going as far as to theorize that he was Loki in disguise. While we don't know yet why the Hulk didn't join in on the fight, we're pretty sure that Loki hasn't been masquerading as Banner this whole time.

10 Confirmed: Shuri Got Dusted

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Shuri has captured the hearts of MCU fans since her debut in Black Panther with the brains and tech to rival (probably even best) a lot of other geniuses in the MCU. And during Infinity War she was a major asset to the Avengers as she not only helped Bucky break free from his programming as the Winter Soldier, she also attempted to remove the Mind Stone from Vision without destroying who he was as a person.

Whether she was one of the many lost to the snap was debated in the fandom, with theories on both outcomes. But sadly her demise was confirmed by the new official Endgame character posters as Shuri's was one of the greyed out ones that marked the "Fallen" characters.

9 We Hope Isn't: Tony Will Sacrifice His Own Parents

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This theory is one of the more outrageous ones that we've seen and we certainly hope it won't come true. Many fans theorize that time travel will play a big part in the movie and may possibly be what helps the Avengers finally defeat Thanos. The time travel itself isn't bad but there is a theory that suggests Tony Stark will go back in time and hire the Winter Soldier to take out his parents, allowing him to obtain the Soul Stone the way Thanos did when he sacrificed Gamora. Considering the events of Civil War and how deeply effect he was by the event that took his parents' lives we very much doubt Tony would go back in time and do that.

8 Confirmed: Loki Is Gone (For Real This Time)

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Loki is one of the characters from the MCU that has come a long way from what he originally was. Blurring the lines of ally and villain, he is without a doubt one of the fan favorites. After Thor: Ragnarok it seemed that he had found his way to becoming a good guy until Thanos put a quick end to his stint as a hero.

Many fans theorized that Loki, well, "Loki'd" and had faked his passing, again. But there were still fan theories that suggested he was gone for good. And this theory was confirmed by both this article that says the Russo brothers confirm that Loki is gone along with the new character poster that has him among the fallen.

7 We Hope Isn't: Deadpool And The X-Men Will Show Up In Endgame

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Marvel has so many characters within its universe and it is always been a guessing game to see which characters would make it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With both the X-Men and Deadpool brought to life in movies, there are a few theories swirling around the internet that we might one day see them crossover into the MCU. It is very unlikely though to see any of them in Endgame since 20th Century Fox owns the rights to both Deadpool and the X-Men (and it's not looking like they'll give them up anytime soon,) but Deadpool and the X-Men exist in a universe separate from the MCU and trying to introduce them into one movie doesn't seem like the greatest idea to us.

6 Confirmed: The Name Of The Film Is "Endgame"

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We were all left reeling over the end of Infinity War and frothing at the mouth for the next movie, waiting to see how our heroes could possibly make a comeback. There were tons of theories about the fourth movie going around but one of the biggest ones was speculation about the title of the film. And one of the longest held theories had to be that the movie would be named "Endgame," coming from Doctor Strange's words to Tony Stark after he gave the Time Stone to Thanos. Endgame was revealed to be the title of the movie when the first trailer dropped (after a lot of secrecy,) but it's yet to be confirmed whether its a tie-in to Strange's words or not.

5 We Hope Isn't: Thanos Will Get His Redemption

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Thanos has made himself the toughest enemy the Avengers had faced and probably one of the greatest villains in the MCU. He's the only one they had completely lost to across all the films he and took out not only half of the team but half of the Universe because of some crazy idea about keeping it "balanced." As far as the Mad Titan went to achieve his goal and as much pain as he had put the Avengers (and the universe) through, we certainly hope none of the fan theories that have Thanos getting his shot at redemption comes true. What Thanos did is irredeemable and would kind of spit in the face of all the sacrifices made in Infinity War.

4 Confirmed: Pepper Potts Is Still Alive

Pepper Potts
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Pepper Potts has been a favorite of MCU fans since the first Iron Man movie and has been one of the people who stayed by Tony Stark from his more playboy days to the more respectable version of himself. We've watched Pepper and Tony's relationship grow and go through their own hardships and we were thrilled to see them engaged and talking about starting a family in the last Avengers movie.

So once the snap happened most fans were terrified of the thought of Pepper being among those dusted, but the trailers for Endgame have (thankfully) alleviated our worries. We can't wait to see Tony and Pepper reunited and some of us are even hoping for an end of the movie wedding scene.

3 We Hope Isn't: Death Will Show Up

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Fans of Thanos in the comics know that his reasoning for attaining the Infinity Stones is different from the reason he had in the movie. In the movie, Thanos uses the Infinity Stones to destroy half of all life in the universe to keep it "balanced." In the comics, Thanos reason is a little less "altruistic", as he does it to win the favor of Lady Death, a cosmic entity based on the personification of death. This cosmic entity was briefly alluded to in Infinity Wars as one of the creators of the Infinity Stones but there hasn't been anything to suggest that the same relationship between Thanos and this Cosmic Entity is the same in the movies as it is in the comics.

2 Confirmed: "Endgame" Will Be The Longest Of The MCU Movies (To Date)

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Most fans of the MCU films have figured out that when they go to see the movies in theaters, they're in for a pretty lengthy show. It's especially true for the Avengers films, as they all have had a trend of being around 140 minutes long or longer, with Infinity War being the longest to date at 149. So fans had theorized with Endgame being the next and final installment for the Avengers film franchise, it would end being the longest one. And according to this source, the fans were right on the money, as Endgame has a projected run-time of about 182 minutes, which is over three hours. There's even been speculation that there might be an intermission for the movie in theaters!

1 We Hope Isn't: Shuri Made A Copy Of The Mind Stone

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We got to see a lot of impressive technological feats performed by Shuri in both the Black Panther and Infinity War. During Infinity War she attempted to remove the Mind Stone and even boasted that she could make a copy of Vision, allowing him to live separate from the power of the stone. Shuri's work got interrupted before she was able to remove it but there was a fan theory floating around that she had been able to copy the stone before she was interrupted, and that the team would use it to reverse what Thanos did. Having a copy of the stone seems like a cheap and rather anti-climatic ending to such a franchise so we hope that doesn't happen.

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