20 Avengers: Infinity War Memes That Leave Us Laughing

Oh my various Asgardian deitys, guys, Avengers: Infinity War is upon us. Yes, in less than a month, we will finally see the culmination (at least until Avengers 4, anyway) of ten years of movies. We'll finally see Marvel's cosmic heroes finally coming to earth and teaming up with the Earth-bound guys to take down the biggest threat in the universe, Thanos. Most Marvel movies have a reputation of relying too much on comedy to the point where it takes away from the drama (looking at you, Thor: Ragnarok). But if the marketing for Infinity War is representative of the movie, then the comedy will not be as evident in this one. That's, however, where I come in with the memes.

With so many characters being a part of this massive pop culture phenomenon, meme creators have plenty of material to work with here. If all those characters weren't enough, they have ten years of movies to pull from. Not only that, but the brief glimpses of the movie we've seen have already shown enough for lampooning online. Some of these memes even pull from other Marvel film franchises outside of the MCU for the lulz. So without further ado, here are 20 Avengers: Infinity War memes that will you leave laughing. You better laugh because I got some Infinity Stones on me. Or at least, that's what the guy in the back alley told me after I gave him $20.

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20 The Graduating Class

via 9gag.com

In many ways, the upcoming Avengers movie is the end of an era. While Avengers 4 still has to happen before I can definitely say that, Infinity War is at the very least an appetizer for it. For franchise mainstays like Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth, the end is approaching where they can focus on roles that don't require them to eat more chicken than Dwayne Johnson at a Whole Foods.

But in their potential final movies, they are certainly going to be bearing the scars of their long superhero careers.

The Hulk looks like he just saw a demon, Thor is missing an eye from his last outing, and Cap... well, Cap still looking pretty sweet. BUT HE HAS FACIAL HAIR, AAAAAHHHH!

19 Good Guy T'Challa

via 9gag.com

Who wouldn't want to be friends with Black Panther? Okay, so maybe it wouldn't be all that great, as Zuri perishes because he protects T'Challa from Kilmonger. But hey, it's worth the risk when you have a man with the Panther's tech and resources!

Black Panther could get all the Avengers anything they want, no Infinity Stones needed. Captain America needs a new shield? Bam, we've seen that. T'Challa got our boy Steve covered. Thor needs a new hammer because his sister Hela shattered Mjolnir? T'Challa can make something that makes Mjolnir look like a joke. Hulk needs pants? Hulk gets pants. Heck, Peter Parker needs an uncle? Heck, T'Challa doesn't have any kids, why not adopt Peter Parker? Okay, maybe THAT one was a stretch.

18 Disney Comes For All

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For people in the Marvel Universe, Thanos is the most feared entity in their world. It is going to take, after all, the entire collective of their heroes to even slow down this mad titan. But in our world, however, nothing makes entertainment companies more scared than Disney.

Not even the Justice League can stand up all these entertainment companies.

When the MCU started in 2008, Marvel was not yet owned by Disney. However, in short time Disney gobbled up Lucasfilm and Marvel which supplemented their already amazing one-two punch of Pixar and the house Mickey built. Now that they will absorb 20 Century Fox as well, Warner Bros should be very afraid of the smiling mouse more than ever.

17 Rocket's Metal Obsession

via 9gag.com

According to Marvel's initial promo video for Infinity War, a big selling point of the film they're trying to push was the first time that the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers meet. We've already been teased with some of the meetings, like Star-Lord telling Iron Man that his plan to stop Thanos sucks, before he glimpses at Thor interacting with Groot and Rocket. What fans should really be concerned about, though, is Rocket meeting up with the Winter Soldier for the first time.

As we've seen in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Rocket loves to take artificial body parts away from people for the simple reason that he finds it funny. Seeing as how Bucky's new arm is very likely made up of vibranium, Rocket probably has no idea how much he can sell it for if he takes it.

16 Thanos Crushing Hard

via 9gag.com

Anybody who knows a little bit about Thanos' motivation in the comics knows that Thanos does what he does out of love. The Mad Titan has a fascination with the feminine grim reaper of the Marvel Universe, and as far what I've seen and read, that part of his backstory probably won't make it in the film. However that, just leaves the door open for another lady in Thanos' heart.

Who knew that Gwen Stacy was going to be the one to save us from Thanos?

Now, as charming, brilliant, and beautiful as Emma Watson is, she can't be the way to Thanos' heart. On the other hand, Emma Stone has the one thing Watson can only dream about... a stone. Now THAT is something that Thanos needs in his life.

15 Thanos' Pop Culture Alter-Egos

via 9gag.com

Thanos is the most powerful villain that Marvel has ever had in their movies, thanks to his overwhelming power. However, Thanos would be even scarier if he adopted any of these alter egos.

Shrek Is Love would be even scarier with an Infinity Gauntlet.

Don't believe m? Let's go through them. CGI Cavill Mustache's mouth alone should give you nightmares. The Anti-Monitor and Apocalypse are two of the most powerful villains in superhero comics, so combined with Thanos, he'd probably annihilate them all. Guy Fieri would eat the heroes, a la Majin Buu. Hellboy, Shrek, and Atrocitus are overpowering as they are scary looking. Cee Lo Green would bombard your ears with generic pop rap.

14 The End Of The MCU

via bestofcomicbooks.com

I personally have been told by some close friends that they've grown tired of the MCU and are, in general, burnt out on superhero movies. When I asked them why, they said that the Marvel movies play it too safe as none of their characters perish and they always live. I guess Quicksilver didn't count, but nevertheless, my friends now are going to see Infinity War anyway. Why is that? Probably because heads will roll off the top of the mountaintop in Infinity War.

Playing off the popular Civil War memes which had Tony Stark and Steve Rogers arguing about anything and everything, now Stark and Rogers are fighting over who will bite the dust in Infinity War. Jokes on them, they'll probably both end up in the ground.

13 A Scarlet Winter In The MCU?

via comicbook.com

A while back, there was a push online for Marvel to make it official that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were in love with each other. Of course, that was a fan fiction pipe dream, but leave it up to fans utilizing some clever image placement create a tip of the hat to that fan fiction.

This was right before Vision blasted Bucky into a pink mist for looking at his girl.

Obviously as you can tell by the meme, Bucky's eyes have drifted from his loyal partner Cap and taken a peek at Scarlet Witch's body. Steve is not having any of this, and we're likely going to get a fight between them akin to the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier before they have some passionate kissing. And Wanda will never know anything about this.

12 The Limits Of The Infinity Stones

via instagram.com (comic.book.memes)

Well now, this one might require a tad more explanation than the others. If you got the meme right away, I'm just gonna take a trip to the supermarket and get you a box of cookies for remembering one of the best side characters in any superhero movie, Peter Parker's landlord Mr. Ditkovich. Sure, he might have been upstaged by J.K. Simmons' J. Jonah Jameson for best old man in the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, but he was still awesome. Well, he's done collecting rent, NOW HE COLLECTS INFINITY STONES!

Never thought I'd say this, but thank gosh for emo Peter Parker.

Unfortunately for Mr. Ditkovich, Peter is not going to give him a stone. Because even after all of this time, Mr. Ditkovich HAS NOT FIXED THIS DOOR! This, of course, is a reference to Spider-Man 3 when the symbiote-influenced Spidey tells off his landlord for the first time.

11 Captain America As A Green Lantern

via instagram.com (comic.book.memes)

Something that has made Marvel fans scream out in joy and also made them super confused is how in the Infinity War trailer, Captain America is somehow fending off the god-like power of Thanos holding the power gem. But then we had to realize that Captain America has had so much time to train as he still has not experienced so much of life.

Not only has he refrained from experiencing everything (even though people would line up around the globe for him), but he has seen his best friend be turned into a weapon by Hydra, been labeled a criminal by the government he once served, and had his loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. shattered in his second movie. You think a purple alien is going to beat all that rage? I think not.

10 Hollywood White Washing

via instagram.com (adrianchaseofficial)

A common controversy that is continually rehashed by news outlets is when a movie is released that features characters from parts of the world who shouldn't be white, but are played by white actors. Like Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings playing an Egyptian. But I gotta ask dem Hollywood elites, what's up with the white washing with Thanos, huh?

I'm kidding, of course, but it is patently obvious that Thanos' appearance has changed heavily from his earlier appearances in films like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The only reasonable explanation is that Thanos has been taking some bleaching cream. Perhaps he thought that Earth would be meaner towards him if he was a darker skinned alien warlord. Who knows.

9 Peter Parker's Greatest Threat

via pinterest.com

Despite being in the MCU for a relatively short amount of time, Tom Holland's portrayal of Peter Parker has quickly become a fan favourite among audiences. This made the fact that Spider-Man is being crushed by the mighty gauntlet-ed hand of Thanos in the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

But even the mighty Mad Titan is not the biggest threat to our young pal Peter Parker.

The biggest threat it is in fact, Aunt May. As we remember in Captain America: Civil War, Spidey's greatest fear is not the Vulture or even Norman Osborn, but in fact Aunt May. Petey can save the world, but if he doesn't get his homework done, no Soul stone can save him.

8 Uncle Stark Wants His Stuff Back

via pinterest.com

Some hardcore Spidey fans (myself included) were peeved off in Spider-Man: Homecoming because Tony Stark was essentially replacing Uncle Ben as the main father figure in Peter Parker's life. "Uncle" Tony might infuriate myself and other fans to no end, but if Tony plays his cards right, he can save the entire universe with just a stern talking down to.

This meme lampoons the scene from Spidey's MCU outing where Tony Stark takes away Spider-Man's high-tech costume because Stark feels like he was being reckless. It ended up being pretty effective as Peter gave up the costume right away. If Tony uses that strategy on Thanos, the heroes can totally turn the tables on Thanos and his Black Order. Use your words, not violence Stark.

7 Captain America Doesn't Approve

via pinterest.com

Despite his vocabulary consisting of "I" "Am" "Groot" and that one time were he said "We" and "Are", Groot has become a merchandising machine and one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Heck, we let this child/teenager get away with swear words (according to Rocket anyway) because he's so darn adorable. But there is somebody in Avengers: Infinity War who won't stand for that kind of talk. He is our lord and star-spangled saviour, Captain America.

As we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America does indeed have a problem with foul language. However Rocket doesn't know that so if he translates something that Groot says which is naughty and tells Cap, we can likely hear Cap tell off the shorty sharpshooter.

6 What's A Defender?

via pinterest.com

The term Marvel Cinematic Universe is kind of a misnomer. Sure the most popular pieces of media inside their fictional world takes place on the silver screen, but there's an entire section of their world which gets ignored when it comes to cinema... their television division.

Who's that archer guy at the bottom? Ah, nobody cares.

With the over 10,000 characters (or whatever insane number there is in Avengers: Infinity War)it's pretty bananas to think that we're not going to be getting any nod to the several Netflix series, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Inhumans. Now, granted, I don't think anybody except for those two poor souls who watched all of Inhumans, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  and most of the Netflix shows are good. Would have been nice to see them at least have a cameo in Infinity War, but it's not meant to be.

5 Somebody Save Bucky

via quirkybyte.com

For the most part, Kevin Feige doesn't put his face in the public eye that much. In the Vanity Fair Holiday 2017 feature article about the MCU, he mentions how he prefers to have the spotlight on the material rather than himself. But that's only what he claims... after all, what if there's another reason why Feige stays in the shadows...

As of right now, it seems that Bucky has his mental faculties under control, but it is entirely possible that somebody still holds the strings to the former HYDRA operative. I'm not talking about HYDRA though, I'm talking about Kevin Feige. Unless... oh my gosh, guys, what if Feige IS HYDRA!? What if HYDRA's real plot is to use the MCU to keep us distracted while they take over the world... nah, nah, that can't be right.

4 The True One Above All

via instagram.com

People have found it unbelievable that Captain America is able to fend off Thanos in the Infinity War trailer. After all, Cap is technically a senior citizen. How is he going to fend off the Mad Titan? Well we shouldn't sell senior citizens short. After all, Stan Lee could be the true saviour that the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs right now.

Thanos may fear no hero, but he should fear the Godfather.

Stan Lee may not have created Thanos himself (that honour belongs to the much less well known Jim Starlin), Stan Lee had a giant part in the universe which Thanos seeks to decimate. After all, Stan Lee once wielded the strongest power in fiction; editorial control. If he really wanted to, Lee could have obliterated Thanos with one word; no.

3 The Omnipotent Aardvark

via twitter.com (Deiniel)

Remember that old PBS show Arthur? For those who don't it was a kids' show about animals who just lived like humans complete with schools, restaurants, and all that jazz. What you might not know is that the show went to dark places, like that time where the usually mild-mannered Arthur went after his sister D.W. for breaking his model airplane. Now, if you think that's scary, what happens when a monster like that gets his hands on the Infinity Stones.

I don't think Arthur Read can be stopped by anyone in the Marvel Universe. If anybody tries to touch his gauntlet, he could punch them through the planet with his power stone. Or he could melt your mind with the mind stone. Or he could teleport you into space with the space stone. You get the idea. Don't mess with a kid who will do it himself.

2 Heart-Warming Or Cost Saving?

via 9gag.com

Fun fact: Vision is one of my favourite characters in the MCU and his introduction in Age of Ultron is one of the things that saves the flawed sequel. And now with the trailer for Infinity War showing Vision and Wanda Maximoff finally getting together as a couple, I can't help but be excited. Vision is trying to fit in alongside humans by taking on the appearance of famous actor Paul Bettany, but why though? This meme may hold the answer.

As we've also seen in the Infinity War trailers, there will be a massive epic fight in Wakanda between the heroes of Earth and Thanos' army. Obviously, that requires them to animate a whole lot of CGI henchmen. With that budget blown, could it be that the money was spent there and Vision lost his scarlet look? Only Feige knows.

1 Drax Asks The Real Questions

via tumblr.com (supermoviemaniac)

For my money, Drax is the funniest character in the MCU. His deadpan seriousness and his willingness to be brutally honest about himself have all had us in stitches. You also have to admire him for asking questions that we all want answers to.

I bet Drax thinks human beings are silly creatures. He isn't wrong.

We all know that Captain America doesn't tolerate inappropriate language when it comes to his teammates. We gotta assume then if Drax drops a naughty word, Cap is going to have to reprimand the Destroyer. Drax then will ask the logical question: "how do you watch language?" Follow up questions would have to be "why would I break a leg?" and "why would I be on the ball?" I assume.

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