17 Hilarious Avengers Vs. Justice League Memes That Show Marvel Is Better

It's a tale as old as time... Beauty and the Beast... oh, whoops, sorry, my bad. I meant DC Comics and Marvel Comics. For nearly a century now (jeez, let THAT sink in for a minute) these two brands have been competing for supremacy and cash as their comics, video games, action figures, cartoons, and films all duke it for that precious market share.

Everybody has their own opinions, of course, but if I had to judge by consensus, it seems that Marvel is winning the battle of tightly-clothed crime fighters when it comes to movies. Of course, you have the DC fanboys who will jump to the defense of their guardians. But by most people's estimations, it seems that audiences and critics alike have sided with Disney's spandexed heroes. It appears that the combination of strong characterization, variety of locations, and plenty of humour scored big time while DC's outdated "grim" and "gritty" style has drawn the ire and yawns from the majority of people. Maybe not everybody should be Batman, Warner Bros?

Now, obviously, I should point out that at the end of the day, these are just memes. Don't expect any deep critical analysis of the film in here. So just kick back your feet and enjoy dem fresh memes. Here are 17 Avengers vs Justice League Memes that prove Marvel is better. Spoiler alert, some of them speak about other characters from Marvel and DC. Just work with me here.

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17 Sliding One By The Teacher

via instagram.com (Comic.Book.Memes)

Now, truth be told, the Guardians of The Galaxy and the Suicide Squad aren't that similar. I mean think about it: GOTG featured a bunch of robbers and general scumbags coming together to form a family bond and save the world. In Squad, a bunch of thieves and supernatural evil spirits form a family bond to save the world... but only because they're forced to. See, totally different!

Too bad S Squad couldn't copy GOTG's success.

I believe a big reason why this meme resonates so well is if you look at the marketing of these movies. When GOTG used classic pop songs from the 70s and 80s, it felt authentic because it was original for a superhero film and was a part of Star Lord's character. When the Squad did it, it felt hollow. I believe the reception of the two films shows that quite well.

16 Spider-Man Puts Them In Their Place

via: twitter.com

Batman’s sadness about his parents passing into the afterlife is the defining moment for the character. For Superman in the DCEU, his parents perished back on Krypton and his adoptive father Jonathan Kent lost his life. As they mope, Spider-Man outranks all of them with tragedy yet keeps on trucking through.

As the wall-crawler points out in this comic by Twitter user @batsVsupes, he has to deal with more sadness than both those men. Superman still had a great childhood and never has to worry about himself (unless you stick green rocks in his face) and Batman is a billionaire who grew up with a butler/father figure hybrid. Spider-Man, however, lost his parents, saw his uncle perish because of his own actions, struggles for money, and lost a girlfriend because of a super villain. Don’t cry to him.

15 Goodbye, DC

via 9gag.com

The third installments of the Marvel films have been of varying quality, but the one thing that has united the third Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man movies have been loss. As this meme shows, Captain America gives up his star spangled shield in Civil War, Iron Man tossed away his reactor core in Iron Man 3, and Thor lost Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok. With Avengers: Infinity War coming up in just a few weeks, something else might be lost with this: their competition.

Much speculation and rumours have been swirling about how DC is going to reshape their cinematic universe in the wake of the financial and critical disappointment Justice League. While Marvel will never truly put DC into the ground, Infinity War might be the film that finally puts the DCEU out of its misery.

14 Rising From The Ashes

via 9gag.com

Ahhh, the original Iron Man. While it is far from a perfect film, it was good enough to get the ball rolling on a cinematic universe that has generated more money than other movie franchise on the planet. And now ten years later, we have a scene from that film which perfectly demonstrates the incompetency of Zack Snyder.

Less might be more for DC.

If you read the feature article of Vanity Fair from their Holiday 2017 issue, you will see just how unlikely the MCU looked for the longest time. Marvel wasn’t exactly pouring tons of resources into the movies and it wasn’t until Disney bought them did the internal momentum start to generate. Snyder, on the other hand, with all the money in the world couldn’t handle icons like Batman and Superman. Or was it executive meddling? Eh, for the glory of the meme, blame Snyder.

13 View Count Power Levels

via 9gag.com

Now for all the disrespect shown to DC by Marvel fans (I’m not immune to this, ask my friends about that), it’s not like the DC films are complete financial disasters. Somehow despite their critical receptions and heavily mixed audience reactions, they’ve made some money. But if you want to see the vast difference in fan excitement for Marvel and DC’s tentpole team ups, one just has to look at this meme.

Unlike other memes here, no Photoshop is necessary in this.

All you need to do is look at the numbers. One month after the Justice League trailer was premiered, it racked up a respectable 28 million views. However, in just ONE DAY, the internet exploded over the release of the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and it amassed a colossal 44 million views. Game. Set. Match.

12 Zemo > Lex Luthor?

via bestofcomicbooks.com

Despite the vast critical panning by fans and reviewers, there nonetheless remain fans of Batman v. Superman. Now that’s fair, everyone’s free to like what they like, but I’ve yet to find somebody who actually likes Lex Luthor in that movie. And why would they? He’s annoying, his personality changes from scene to scene, and his overly convoluted plans end up with him being in jail.

Who knew the greatest criminal mind of all time would get outsmarted by… Zemo?

As the meme points out, despite a vast difference in resources, Zemo was able to accomplish something that Luthor can only dream of doing. Zemo was able to tear the Avengers apart and divide them. It was a difficult goal but he did it. Luthor? If anything, he helped out the DC heroes. I mean, thank you Lex Luthor? I guess?

11 Putting In The Hours

via instagram.com (@Comic.Book.Memes)

A common complaint about superhero castings is when actors don't look the part of the character they're playing. Oftentimes it comes down to a lack of muscle mass or athletic build. That's why you get pictures of Aquaman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the gym. This comes despite the fact that those characters are often portrayed to be quite different in temperament and personality from their comic book counterparts.

This stands in contrast to Marvel's counterparts, who, as you can see in the photos above of Benedict Cumberbatch and Brie Larson, hit the books and study their characters heavily to put on performances that resonate with fans. Maybe if Henry Cavill put down the dumbbell and picked up a trade paperback of All-Star Superman, fans would embrace his role a little more.

10 Put On A Serious Face

via pinterest.com

There was a sickness plaguing comic book movies years ago. With the success of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, studios got the idea in their heads that superhero movies had to be "dark," "mature," and "edgy" to succeed. This led to the joyless and grim Amazing Spider-Man pair of movies and Man of Steel which tried to apply a Batman template to heroes where it doesn't belong.

Thankfully, Marvel Studios blew this out of the water with their MCU.

Unlike the DCEU, Marvel didn't shy away from the ridiculousness of the source material. The apex of this are Rocket and Groot, a smack-talking, sharpshooting racoon and a super powered tree capable of saying five words. And you know what? Fans feel more emotional about those two than the "mature" Superman. Ha.

9 Superhero Simba

via quickmeme.com

Here's a popular meme. In the Disney classic The Lion King, Mufasa tells Simba that everything the light touches is his kingdom. However, he also tells him to never enter into the shadowy areas, as that's where the hyenas live. But when you give this scene over to a Marvel fanboy, well you get this.

The beauty of this meme comes from the fact that Mufasa could be warning Simba to not go to DC for more than one reason. Could it be because he wants his son to stay in Disney so he can soak in money? Is it because Mufasa doesn't want his son to become a brooding, dark version of his former self? Or maybe he doesn't want his son to be the next Robin. I love multiple choice memes.

8 Deadpool In A Giving Mood

via quirkybyte.com

Now I know what you're thinking; Deadpool isn't an Avenger! What are you talking about? Well, I'll tell you that in the comic books nearly everybody in Marvel became an Avenger at some point, even Deadpool. Now let's get on with the meme, shall we?

Superman is not above ending lives in the DCEU. Good luck with that versus, Deadpool.

Superman just seems like the perfect kind of guy that Deadpool would want to mess with. If you think Colossus in the first Deadpool played a great goody two shoes, Superman is THE goody two shoes of comics. Not only that, but he has a funny weakness so the potential comedy for Merc With A Mouth is just endless. Saint Patrick's Day can't pass soon enough for the Man of Steel when Deadpool is around.

7 Nothing To Fear

via screenrant.com

In this fanboy's perfect world, the cinematic feud between Marvel and DC would be something akin to the Monday Night Wars of professional wrestling in the late 1990s. Both DC and Marvel should be firing on all cylinders vying for critical and financial supremacy at every turn but alas, DC just can't quite hang with Marvel in the film department can they.

I wonder if Spidey tripped them up with his webs.

Before their film lineup was put in doubt because of the poor reception of Justice League, Batman v Superman was supposed to sell us on the idea of a shared DC universe and then open the path for solo movies for a host of other characters. The problem was, BVS dropped the ball big time, leaving the others to wonder what happened.

6 Overpowered Villains

via screenrant.com

With Avengers: Infinity War arriving soon to theatres, the villain that has been teased by Marvel for over five years will make finally make his full movie debut as the villain, which requires the entire Marvel universe to take down. DC on the other hand has to worry about a much less purple but much more serious threat to their films. Critical reception.

As one can tell by the numerous headlines, the critical receptions from the DCEU movies have generally been less than stellar. Wonder Woman aside, no DCEU movie has cracked the 60 % mark from critics. Batman v Superman being the lowest ranking of all with an anemic 27%. DC fanboys will shout conspiracy or "bias" from the top of their lungs, but they have to accept the truth that while they might like those movies, critics, and many others do not.

5 How To Wield Time

via screenrant.com

Just because DC's television shows in the "Arrowverse" are much better than DC's films, that doesn't exclude them from showing up in this list. The Flash television series is beloved by many people (heck, it got friends of mine who didn't like comics to start reading them).

What if Doctor Strange just trapped Barry Allen in a time loop of him running?

Because he couldn't handle his mother's passing, he decides to interrupt space and time and unknowingly create a messed up alternate timeline that is just awful. Doctor Strange's bargaining using the time gem is a much better use of time-disruption and it actually saved the world. Take notes, Barry, and be a hero instead of a time traveling jerk.

4 Showing Up The Competition

via screenrant.com

After Wonder Woman finally landed the DCEU a bonafide good movie, it was up to Justice League to keep the momentum going and ensure Marvel that they had a worthy competitor on their hands. But leave it to an arachnid teen from Queens, New York to show up the titans of DC Comics.

Poor Falcon... err, I mean DC never stood a chance.

On a budget of "only" 175 million, Tom Holland and the rest of the crew brought in an astounding 880.2 million dollars. Not only that, but several people hailed it as the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time. While I don't agree with that, it was certainly better than DC's team-up film. Who knows, maybe the Justice League is going to ask Tony Stark to hook them up with tech too.

3 How We Met Marvel's Robin

via vitamin-ha.com

Whether some fans like it or not, Robin is a massive part of Batman's mythology. He's been synonymous with the Caped Crusader ever since the 1940s. He's only been shown in two live action solo Batman films... those being the two worst solo outings, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

So leave it to the Avengers to utilize a Robin more effectively than DC ever did.

For fans who don't know, the actress Cobie Smulders who portrays Maria Hill in the MCU is more famously known to the wider public as Robin Scherbatsky from the How I Met Your Mother sitcom. We haven't seen too much of Maria Hill inside the MCU as I would like, it's good to see that Marvel isn't running away from Robins like DC seems to be.

2 Hulk Laughs

via reddit.com

Hulk has made something of a habit of fighting gods. We all remember how the Jade Giant decimated Loki in the first Avengers, and he also gave Thor the fight of his life in Thor: Ragnarok. But when it comes to box office grosses anyway, Hulk smashes the entire Justice League in between his giant green hands.

Anybody object to seeing DCEU Superman being smashed by MCU Hulk? Anyone?

In their opening weekend cash rake-ins, the third Thor movie brought Marvel a healthy 121 million dollar bounty. Now, while Justice League netted DC a solid 96 million, considering the characters in the movie and the fact that this was first full-out group ensemble movie from DC, they should not be losing to a third Thor movie.

1 Behind The Times

via 9gag.com

While DC Comics was the first of the big two to enter the world of cinema with Batman: The Movie in 1966, Marvel was the first studio to attempt a cinematic universe where all their movies would share the same world and have consequences on each other. In this sense, Marvel was way ahead of DC. And that's how you get this hilarious meme.

Smart movie by the JL to make Superman do all the work on the trolley.

Even though Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash are all capable of superhuman speed, 3/5 of the Justice League think that they can catch up with the Avengers train with a trolley. There's no point of trying to rush with the Avengers by making a premature team up movie; just make good solo films and build up to it.

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