20 Awesome Areas In The Fallout Series You Had NO Idea About

Black Isle Studios’ Fallout 1 and 2 transported gamers into post-apocalyptic America. Since the isometric games were only on PCs, many gamers didn’t have the opportunity to play them. When Bethesda obtained the rights to the series, they were focused on making the game more accessible to new players. Their 3D games brought in several new players and even impressed some older fans.

Now that the Fallout series was turning into an open world series, Bethesda had many opportunities to sneak in secrets and surprises for gamers to discover. The East Coast of post-apocalyptic America and New Vegas are both large areas with plenty of caves and settlements to explore. Some of the secrets are references to older movies and even popular webcomics. Obsidian, which is composed of some former Black Isle Studios developers, added secrets to Fallout: New Vegas, which is considered to be the best entry in the series to many gamers who have played every game.

Though Bethesda and Obsidian know where their secrets are hidden, that doesn’t stop fans from taking their favorite companions along to explore the lands. We may know some of the scariest locations, but what about some of the coolest, non-violent areas that remain hidden? If you’re willing to be spoiled, check out our list on some of the most amazing areas in the Fallout series.


20 (Don't) Bow Down To The King, Baby

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The Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3) is filled with interesting characters. Though you'll spend more of your time interacting with other Vault Dwellers and the Brotherhood of Steel, once you go off the beaten path there are a variety of unique personalities. Northeast of the Minefield, there is a small jumble of assembled toys. You've stumbled upon the unmarked throne of the Roach King. The throne is made of a Red Rocket playground set and a chair on top of black mats. At the top of the rocket is a clock. The owner of this throne is hostile. He has somehow tamed multiple Radroaches, and they will all try to kill the Lone Wanderer. Once you take him down, you'll find a mini-nuke hidden under his throne. He may have been plotting to take over the Wasteland with his minions.

19 The Miracle In The Desert

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When you first start Fallout: New Vegas, you'll watch some beautiful scenes during the opening trailer. Besides from Benny shooting the Courier in the head and burying them alive, one of the most memorable scenes is featuring a New California Republic Veteran Ranger. The Ranger is perched on the Fabulous New Vegas sign, an unmarked location right outside of the walls of The Strip. You might want to visit the location for yourself after starting the game. It's located north of Camp McCarran and is just as beautiful as in the cinematic. Now that you have a chance to view it in-game, you'll notice a few changes from the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign in the real world. There's a smiley face added into "Welcome." The word "New" has been hastily applied to cover "Las" and uses a number 3 in the place of "e."

18 Even Raiders Can Feel A Bit Of Holiday Cheer

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In the Fallout series, most people have tried to survive to the best of their abilities. It's been two hundred years since the bombs fell, so many people have no clue about holidays or other joys of life from the pre-war days. Fallout 3 brings a bit of holiday cheer. South of Dukov's place, you'll find a small, unmarked Raider camp. The camp is located in a town square and is surrounded by scraps of fence and sandbags. Inside the camp, there is a potted tree covered in white holiday lights. Around the tree are other signs of Raider life, including a table and bunk beds. Take out the Raiders living there, and you could have your bit of holiday cheer in the Wasteland. If you decide to leave, the Raiders will respawn, proving that you aren't the only one who loves Christmas festivities in the area.

17 Where No One Knows Your Name

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Even if you find the Prost Bar in Fallout 4, no one will recognize you. It's not because you're a 200-year-old Vault Dweller who was previously in a cryogenic slumber. It's because everyone inside is dead. Only skeletons representing the cast remain. The undead residents shouldn't stop you from checking out the location. Northwest of Swan's Pawn, you'll find the small little bar. The layout resembles the Cheers TV show, from the bar entrance to the bell on the center column. Skeletons resembling Cliff and Norm are sitting at the end of the bar. Cliff's mail carrier cap is right beside him. A skeleton wearing a dress may represent Rebecca or Carla. Wondering where Diane and Sam are? The signature couple is hanging out on the floor. Not convincing enough? If you want more proof this is a Cheers reference, “prost” in German translates to “Cheers."

16 Off To Work They Go

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The best-hidden gems in the Fallout series aren't always found in the base game. Sometimes you have to be willing to explore the new areas unlocked by downloadable content. Within the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, there is an Easter egg referencing an old fairy tale. Within the construction site in the Big MT, head towards the red crystals. You'll notice a giant gem in particular surrounded by seven gnomes and pickaxes. They won't be moving, but it's a reference to the gnomes who worked in the mines in the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves tale. If you decide to hunt for this fun location, beware of the hostile Mister Handy that will attack you on sight. It may be Maleficent in disguise, hunting for Snow White.

15 Where Did All The Mannequins Come From?

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Almost one-quarter of Fallout 4's map is water. Many dismiss the water areas as a poor use of map space on Bethesda's part, while others happily explore it. Many have wondered if the watery depths would lead to future DLC one day. In the largest expansion page, Far Harbor, players can further explore the waters of Maine. The mannequins in the Commonwealth return to make the creepy underwater locations even more unsettling. In a large, sunken boat, lies several mannequins. They're all the same female model with short hair and aren't modeling any clothing. They're placed around stairwells and some even outside of the ship. The most terrifying scene can be found as soon as you approach the ship when you see the mannequins in front of the circular windows.

14 A Story Of A Boy, His Dead Dog, And Faithful Mr. Handy

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Located in Fallout 3's Georgetown is a small townhome. It once belonged to the McClellan family who had two parents, a child, a baby, dog, and a faithful Mr. Handy. We don't know what happened to the McClellan parents and baby, but we can catch a glimpse of the boy, his dog, and butler. Inside of a child's bedroom, we can see the remains of the young child. He's lying in bed and holding a teddy bear. Various toys are placed around him. The family dog, Muffy, is dead beside a full body of whiskey. Mr. Handy is the only living life form in the area. He can still be programmed to perform the family's tasks such as walking the dog, picking up food, or reading the children a bedtime scene.


13 Home Of The Midnight Rider And His Sixteen Children

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Fallout 4's Commonwealth contains some American history lessons. Southeast of Old North Church, you can stumble upon Paul Revere's house. If you make it beyond the Super Mutant and his two Hounds guarding the entrance way, you'll find what's left of the historical monument. Revere lived in the home with his sixteen children. The house was his residence as he made his midnight ride to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were coming. Near the house is the Paul Revere Monument which was also included in the official Fallout 4 trailer. Though the house is small and doesn't contain any memorable loot, it's a reminder of the lengths that Bethesda took to make the game resemble Boston as much as possible.

12 Just When You Think Raiders Can't Get Any Worse

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Southwest of Grayditch in Fallout 3, along a stretch of highway, is an unusual sight. Raiders are torturing animals for their amusement. What's most unusual about the scene is these evil bandits are holding mole rat races on the track. At the end of the track are the bloody remains of the losers of previous races. The race occurs in a neverending loop. A Raider shoots his pistol into the air, and the mole rats will run down the path. A winner is declared, and the molerats will walk back to their cages until the next race starts. If you decide to check out the races, make sure not to be spotted. The Raiders will immediately attack you, and you won't get to see who finishes the race.

11 Come For The Sarsaparilla, Stay For The Sunset

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Lake Mead is a large lake in the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas. It's essential to the residents because it is the primary source of non-irradiated water. It spans over a large area of the map and contains a wide variety of hidden locations. Dive into the water, and you'll discover a crashed Boeing B-29 Superfortress. The plane is part of the quest "Volare!", in which you'll have to assist the Boomers to bring it to the surface. If you're a Sunset Sarsaparilla fan, there's a sunken truck filled with crates of the drink. Though the lake bed is mostly bits of seaweed and rocks, it's a fun opportunity to swim with the fish and enjoy the Mojave. The sunset on the lake is also one of the most breathtaking sights in the game.

10 You're Going To Pay $1,600,000 For What?

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In Fallout 3, travel northwest of the Red Race factory and you'll find a car dealership. You'll learn about the pre-war company Chryslus Motors and their hope to sell vehicles for $1,600,000. Inside the dealership itself is a large, open space with plenty to explore. Two of the expensive Corvegas are on display in the front area, along with a few other vehicles that were most likely not as expensive. The only sad part of this location is that you can't drive any of the vehicles, nor can you step inside of them.

If you decide to explore the back of the dealership, you'll find remains of a skeleton broken in half. We can only imagine what the poor soul went through, but he's keeping a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes, which raises the Big Guns skill, safe.

9 A Lethal Trap Of Legion Soldiers

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East of the Allied Technologies offices in the Mojave Wasteland (Fallout: New Vegas) is a giant abandoned warehouse. Once you enter, the warehouse is a single giant room. Most of it appears innocent and looks like any other office space. In the other part of the warehouse, things get creepy. The warehouse suddenly turns into a giant maze of metal containers. If you make it out of the maze, they lead to a catwalk on the other side of the room. Depending on when you enter, the building will be swarming with hostile Legion soldiers. Any living NCR soldiers will also attack the Legion, making for a giant fight between both major factions. If you're not willing to get involved, you can always stick near the three Brahmin that are wandering around the building.

8 Unfortunately, You Can't Take Any Of Them Home

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If the people of Fallout 4 aren't obsessed with mannequins, then they love cats. Southeast of Fallout 4's Walden Pond is a small trader shack. The house is filled with stray cats wandering around. Though the cats can't be a companion like Dogmeat, you can buy cat meat from the trader. In the back of the house are four tiny cat graves, which explains where the trader got his loot. Inside of the house, when you're not stumbling over cats, are cat paintings. Their origin is unknown, but they may be by the same artist who painted the artwork in the underwater boat in the Ocean or Diamond City's resident cat hoarder. Though the cat house is humorous, it brings a lighter side to the Commonwealth after all the emotional events the Sole Survivor has experienced.

7 No One Knows What Horrors The Gnome Has Witnessed

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East of Farragut West Metro station in Fallout 3 is a run-down building. The entrance is under a bridge just past a truck. Once you enter, there is an overturned desk and a mannequin holding a plunger. In fact, there are several plungers all over the room. Some are on the ceiling and stick on the file cabinets. On another desk with Science beakers is a gnome with a stimpack and Med-X syringes in his eyes. What is even more creepy about this room are the bloody handprints covering the walls. They may have belonged to the skeleton on the floor, right beside the last plunger. He may have been trying to escape the single Feral Ghoul trapped inside of the room, doing whatever it took to survive.

6 Who Will Help You After You've Helped Halford?

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Near Guardian Peak in Fallout: New Vegas is a set of caves. They contain a large network of connected tunnels that will make you feel claustrophobic upon entry. One of the exit points is Lake Mead, so don't be surprised if you catch one of the twenty Lakelurks or their Lakelurk King roaming inside. If you're brave enough to continue inside, you'll find an injured man named Private Halford. You can help him escape as part of the "Help for Halford" quest, or leave him to die. He's not the only person the cave has attempted to eliminate. Inside the lake are eleven dead NCR troopers and their dead Brahmin. The cave might scare you off because of the creepy Lakelurks waiting inside, but there are several small chambers and interesting cave landscape to explore.

5 A Hidden Shrine In A Confederate Home

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Fallout 3's Arlington Cemetery is a large area composed of empty land. There are several small buildings to explore that are not marked on your map. On the west of the cemetery, you'll find a small house on top of a hill. The Arlington house looks empty inside, but don't be fooled. Once you enter the basement, you'll find a shrine to late president Abraham Lincoln. There are flowers and bottles of wine placed around the shrine. There is a photo of Lincoln within the shrine, which includes the ending lines of his first inaugural address. If you have the Lawbringer perk, a man named Junders Plunkett will be protecting the shrine, but it's unknown if it belongs to him. Though in real life, the Arlington House is the former home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, this in-game version may just be a parody.

4 Become The Robot's New Champion

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By the creepy Pickman Gallery in Fallout 4, you can find Madden's boxing gym. Inside are what you'd expect: weightlifting equipment, a small office, and a giant ring in the middle of the room. Even a toy alien is holding a dumbbell, though he may be cheating since there's a bottle of Buffout beside him. Though you can't lift any weights with the robots, the Sole Survivor will have the opportunity to participate in a boxing match. Step into the ring, and you will have to fight the Champ, a Mister Handy. Don't think you can cheat The Champ, as you can only fight him using Boxing gloves. If you win, you will become the new champ. Lose, and the other robots will turn hostile and try to kill you.

3 "Promonating" With Death

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If you're looking for a challenging fight, the Mojave Wasteland (Fallout: New Vegas) will make your dreams come true. The Deathclaw Promontory can be found east of the Lucky Jim mine. The promontory contains several paths with plenty of places to hide. There is only one way to enter and leave. Depending on your level, there may be several of the beasts or only a few wandering around the area. Almost 40 types of Deathclaws reside here, including Alphas, mothers, and babies. They will all turn hostile as soon as they spot you. If you're unlucky, you may find all forty of the creatures attacking you at once. As you make your way through the area back to the entrance, you'll find the dead bodies of others who tried to take on the Deathclaws and lost. At least you can take the loot they're holding.

2 A Mesmerizing Rube Goldberg Machine

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Northwest of the Jury Street Metro station in the Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3) is a small, innocent looking supermarket. Don't be fooled by the exterior of Gold Ribbon Grocers. The store is set up as a Rube Goldberg machine, which is a complex set of contraptions that are similar to a domino effect. Once the device begins, there's no stopping it until the explosive results. The grocery store uses pressure places to trigger the trap. You'll be tempted to follow the contraption, but don't get too close. After hitting various objects, a fire extinguisher will explode on a bear trap. This explosion will make a bouquet of grenades fall from the ceiling. Another explosion will occur, and if you're too close, you'll get blown away in the process. If you've managed to survive, a skeleton will drop a variety of loot, including two magazines and a mini-nuke.

1 Have An Explosive Time In The Commonwealth

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Fallout 4 features a serious tale of a parent searching for their kidnapped child. To most players, the side content offers more rewards and exciting events than most of the main story. Take a break from the depressing Commonwealth for a bit of fun. Northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915 is a small shack on a cliff. Within the shack are several gas tanks with three placed on top of ramps. Carefully shoot the tanks, and they'll launch into the sky. You can choose to shoot them mid-air or just hope they don't land on an unsuspecting settler below. You can keep doing it until all of the tanks are gone. The fun in the shack doesn't end there. Whoever set up the shack has also left a bed to rest in, a chair for your companion, and a little extra ammo.


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